Radicalism And Revolutionary Politics Is Becoming More Widespread In Germany

By Theodore Shoebat

“Men seek stranger sins or more startling obscenities as stimulants to their jaded sense.” — GK Chesterton

There is indeed a horrid confusion in society about who to follow. Shall we follow the Left or the Right? Because of the destructive nature of the Left, many turn to the Right. But even in the Right-wing element, there is a deception that covers up another form of rebellion. There is open rebellion, but then there is a cloaked rebellion. It is the rebellion that comes in the form of tradition, order and orthodoxy, pretending to want to save the world while cunningly scheming to destroy it. It is the rebellion that murdered Christ. With its shrieks about law and order, it nailed the Christ on the Cross, and with its piety and facade of properness, it mocked the suffering King. “The rulers were themselves rebels” writes Chesterton, and certainly in the heart of every rebel is a tyrant wishing he was the one ruling. With this rebellion comes rage, and in our own time this is definitely manifesting, be it online or on the street. Men are being consumed by rage, drunk off of it, and it seems as though they cannot be satiated unless they spiral into the hysterical.   

The covid lockdown in Germany is exposing a growing fanaticism against the government. In 2015, there were huge demonstrations against the state due to the acceptance of refugees from the Middle East into Germany. Now, there are massive demonstrations taking place against the lockdown, in just another step revealing the brewing rage against the established government. Just in late October, demonstrators thew molotov cocktails at the front of the Robert Koch Institute, the German federal agency responsible for controlling the virus. Just recently there was a huge demonstration in Leipzig in which 20,000 people attended. The event was not peaceful as there were clashes with the police. “There were numerous attacks against security forces,” police tweeted soon after they called the gathering unlawful. There were also many neo-Nazis present. Stephan Kramer, president of the state-level intelligence agency in the central state of Thuringia, expressed his concern:

“The escalation line is going up all the way … We see with the latest events that there is an escalation toward more violence and to more right-wing extremism among the demonstrations.”

Certainly not all of the protestors were Nazis or ultra-nationalists — many of them were people with good intentions — but we cannot ignore the fanaticism present and the indications of looming rage against the state which would have far darker consequences. According to DW: “The journalist union DJU said there were also at least 32 attacks on reporters, primarily from members of the Querdenken (Lateral Thinking) movement, which organized the main protest.”  Protestors cried: ”peace, freedom, no dictatorship,” and demanded Chancellor Angela Merkel step down.   

The anger is accumulating and is a reflection of the political atmosphere of rage and exasperation that is cultivating in the forming zeitgeist.

A Right-wing terrorist cell — which called itself “Gruppe S” — was caught in Germany trying to start a civil war to overthrow the government, by slaughtering as many people as possible. They wanted to murder politicians, refugees and those who dissented from their fanatical ideology with the goal of establishing a Nazi government. According to German broadcaster SWR, prosecutors have charged 12 alleged members of the terrorist network. Prosecutors have stated that the terror network planned on “destabilizing and ultimately overthrowing” Germany’s democratic order and planned to spark “a civil-war-like situation … via as yet undefined attacks on politicians, asylum seekers and people of Muslim faith.” The leader of the group has been identified only as Werner S. (who went by the alias “Giovanni Teutonico”, after the 13th century Catholic canon law scholar) and his right hand man as Tony E.

The group consisted of the worst elements of society, one of the members having already served in prison for rape and dangerous assault. One of them was even a police officer in the  traffic department in Hamm. The group would fantasize about slaughtering people. One of the leaders, Werner S.,  is said to have been looking forward to many “miserably dead bodies”. Another is said to have written that he was “in the mood for a massacre”. They were inspired by the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand; one of the members held onto the footage that was video streamed by the killer as he butchered dozens of people in a mosque in March of 2019. The same member also had the video footage of the shooting in a synagogue in Halle on October of 2019 that killed two people and injured two others. According to Der Spiegel the group decided to obtain guns and also collected money to finance their operations. One of the members, Thorsen W., was in charge of weapons licensing for the police headquarters in Hamm, and was willing to donate 5,000 euros for the purchasing of weapons. As Der Spiegel reports:

“Thorsten W.’s occupational background is problematic. Until his arrest, the 50-year-old worked as an administrative employee at the police headquarters in Hamm, most recently in the traffic commission. He reportedly said he would be willing to give the right-wing extremist group 5,000 euros, and even more if necessary.

W. didn’t always have a harmless desk job. He reportedly used to work in the “weapons licenses” department of the Hamm police. Apparently, he was also involved in decision-making about who could receive a weapons permit.”

Tapped phone calls revealed that Werner S. sought to recruit people who were “intelligent, tough, brutal, quick” and would go beyond just mere street demonstrations. Werner S. found his recruits through years of networking amongst Right-wing operatives and had specifically approached leaders from right-wing extremist groups and so-called “Reich citizens” all over Germany in order to win them over to his “powerful troops”.

Werner wanted to execute a strategy of tensions in which his group would murder Muslims, spark a violent reaction from Muslims, and thus creating the “conditions similar to civil war”. The Right-wing network was heavily investigated by authorities; they searched more than 50 apartments and confiscated around 300 cell phones, computers or hard drives. In total, the investigators looked through almost 18 terabytes of data, including around 60 million chat and voice messages, photos and videos. More than 50 witnesses were interviewed.

According to the 200 page indictment, the Right-terror network was founded in Alfdorf in Baden-Wurttemberg at the end of September of 2019 where they met at an old sawmill called the “Hummelgautsche” where they would do paramilitary training in the woods, practice archery and sword fighting.

The group took inspiration from the Freikorps (German military volunteers many of whom, after WW1, became disgruntled and would eventually be the precursors to the SA, the paramilitary organization that would back Adolf Hitler). In the Whatsapp group for the care service that he worked for, Tony E. shared a photo of himself alongside Werner S., as members of a militia-type body called “Freikorps Homeland Security.”  On February 8th of 2020, Werner proposed that the group convene a meeting in northern Germany, affirming that there could be no more excuses and that “things are going to happen.” The group met at the western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia that weekend, to the outskirts of the city of Minden. The meeting was held in the home of a 55 year old man named Thomas N., a member of the Reichsburger movement which believes that the current German government is not legitimate and that the country needs to return to the government of the Kingdom of Prussia and that Germany should return to pre-World War Two borders.

They discussed murdering Muslims in mosques during their prayers in several towns. They also talked about obtaining weapons from two Right-wing groups, “Viking Security Germania” and “Wotan’s Heirs”. Its very interesting, that these groups have an emphasis on Wotan or Odin, revealing their pagan character. It is not just about mere politics and immigration, but really a political ideology seeped in religious pursuits of reviving the old dark rituals of pre-Christian times. It is no wonder that one of the members of this gang, Thorsten W., would dress up like a Germanic warrior, with a sword and rune-covered shield.

These people were living for a fantasy, like all of these types of idealists do. But there comes a point where the fantasizer grows tired of residing within his delusion, and he wants his dream to be manifested before his eyes. As Chesterton described such people: “They are walking in their sleep and try to wake themselves up with nightmares.” (The Everlasting Man, ch. 8, p. 159) Indeed a nightmare is what these people want to impose on the world, their dark and sinister zeitgeist.

“Gruppe S.” is not an isolated incident, but is part of an actual phenomena in Germany that is deeply entrenched in the governmental infrastructure of the country, especially the intelligence services. In October of 2020 it was revealed that four members of Germany’s intelligence staff in North Rhine-Westphalia were involved in radical Right-wing activity online. These intelligence staff members were (according to DW) “part of an observation team that was involved in all areas of investigation, including monitoring right-wing extremism”. It would be difficult to speak of the dark esoteric network of fanatic rebels without inquiring into how entrenched it is in the intelligence apparatus of the country.

The year was 2006. German intelligence agent, Andreas Temme, walked up to the register of an internet cafe, paid his bill on a counter bespattered with blood, and left as the corpse of Halit Yozgat lied lifeless on the floor behind the register. The son of immigrants, he was shot in cold blood by a member of the National Socialist Underground as he was working behind the register for his parent’s internet cafe. Temme was part of the intelligence agency — the Protection of the Constitution, or Verfassungsschutz — for the state of Hesse and it was actually his job to monitor right-wing extremists. When police searched Temme’s home they found guns, Nazi regalia and quotes from Mein Kampf typed up on a piece of paper. It is no wonder that Temme, in his own village, got the nickname of “little Adolf”. Temme’s sentiments shed light on a very dark matter, the Nazi ties within Germany’s intelligence apparatus.

Although Temme was technically cleared as a suspect after a nine month investigation, it became clear that Verfassunsschutz was involved in a major cover up for the National Socialist Underground since 2006. Helmut Wetzel, the Kassel police detective who was in charge of the murder investigation, reported to a parliamentary inquiry in 2015 about how the state’s intelligence agency refused to permit his officers from questioning any of Temme’s contacts in neo-Nazi circles. One of these contacts was a paid informant who spoke with Temme by phone before he entered the cafe where the murder occurred.

In the year 2012, the state’s interior minister commenced a secret investigation on why Temme and other intelligence agents who had neo-Nazi contacts failed to see that Yozgat was the ninth person to be murdered by Nazi terrorists. The investigation was completed in 2014 and consisted of 3,500 files. Senior intelligence officers reviewed all of them and did not want a lot of the information on the investigation to be seen by the public nor by legislators. The senior intelligence agents ordered that chunks of the investigation be censored from the eyes of the public for 120 years.

Local legislators were never told of the existence of this investigation and only found the redacted version later during oversight hearings. The fact was that the intelligence apparatus was covering up the biggest murder spree done by a Nazi terrorist gang in Germany. The country’s intelligence agency did not put an end to the reign of terror of the National Socialist Underground before its members murdered nine people of ethnic minorities (eight of them were Turkish, one was Greek), detonated two bombs in two ethnic neighborhoods, murdered a police officer and committed fifteen armed robberies — all from the years 2000 to 2007. For years the police assumed that the murders were done by Turkish mafia. Even relatives of the victims were held suspect.   

But this theory began to fall apart in 2006 (one week after the murder of Yozgat) once it was realized that none of the victims had any connection with each other. This theory really fell flat in 2011, the year two of the three members of the National Socialist Underground — Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Bonhardt — committed suicide. The last member to be alive was Beate Zschape and in November of 2011 she turned herself in to the police. Authorities searched the hideout of the gang and found the Ceská 83 pistol that was used in their nine murders.  But realities of the cover up continued to be revealed.

For example, in the trial of Zschape and four accomplices (who were accused in aiding the National Socialist Underground), the judge rejected any questions on weather or not German intelligence knew of the murders and failed to report them, regardless of the fact that dozens of neo-Nazis across Germany were being paid by intelligence agencies during the time of the killing spree. It was conventionally believed that the National Socialist Underground was just three members, while German intelligence denied having informants who were part of the gang. But according to Petra Pau, one of the authors of a Bundestag investigative committee report: “It’s been proven that the NSU’s core trio was surrounded by at least 40 informants… The federal [domestic intelligence agency] always claimed that it had no informants with the NSU – that’s complete nonsense.” She also affirmed:

“There was knowledge of the NSU trio; there was knowledge that they acquired weapons, that they wanted to carry out attacks. All this information was available to the security services but never reached the criminal prosecution authorities.”

Irene Mihalic, who also worked in the committee investigation, talked about deliberate destruction of files by the Verfassungsschutz (BfV):

“We worked out that the destruction of files on November 11, 2011 [a week after Zschäpe’s arrest] in the federal office of the [BfV] was deliberate and specific … It was not to be publicly known that the trio had virtually been surrounded by informants in the 1990s.” 

The report by the Bundestag investigative committee demonstrated the deliberate coverup. As DW stated:

“The report showed how Germany’s intelligence agency, the Verfassungsschutz, systematically blocked investigations into the murders to protect their paid informants – all neo-Nazis who not only failed to provide information on the NSU, but used the taxpayers’ money they were being paid to finance neo-Nazi activities.”

The official who actually destroyed the files stated to federal prosecutors in 2014 that he did what he did in order to save the intelligence agents from the responsibility to confess to the reality that all of their Nazi informants did not report the murders done by Mundlos, Bohnhardt and Zschape. There is even evidence that there were other members of the National Socialist Underground who acted as accomplices to the crimes but never saw justice. According to Clemens Binninger,  the chair of the Bundestag’s investigation, “There is a slew of evidence that suggests that there must have been co-perpetrators at the scene, who helped or acted as lookouts”.

Andreas Temme also was connected to Stephan Ernst, the Nazi operative who in June of 2019 murdered Walter Lubcke, the president of the governmental district of Kassel. According to HNA: “Andreas Temme, once an employee of the Hessian constitutional protection, was “on duty” with Stephan Ernst, the alleged murderer of regional president Walter Lübcke. Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) reported this at the request of the SPD.”

The connection between Nazism and German intelligence was further illuminated upon in 2019 when it was revealed how Andre Schmidt, a former counterintelligence agent of Germany’s Special Forces Command (KSK) and Freemason, led a Right-wing and masonic paramilitary organization, consisting of former and active military and elite police officers, called Uniter, and tried to spark a revolution that he and his cult called “Day X” in which they would kill politicians and journalists. In July of 2020 the New York Times put out an article by Katrin Bennhold in which she recounts her conversation with Schmidt. During the interview Bennhold recounts how Schmidt told her about his network:

“He left active service last September after stolen training grenades were found at a building belonging to his parents. But, he says, he still has his network: “Special forces, intelligence, business executives, Freemasons,” he said. They meet here regularly. The house, he says, is owned by a wealthy supporter.”

In 2019, journalists in the German press wrote about the occult Right-wing paramilitary organization called Uniter, members of which had ties to Germany’s intelligence, military and police, preparing for their revolution — Day X —   in which they planned on killing politicians and members of the press as part of a cleansing of Germany. While he was in the Bundeswehr, Andre was a part of Germany’s Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD), an indication of the Nazi ranks within Germany’s intelligence apparatus.

The organization became more mysterious, and really a secret society. The whole group became a part of the Lazarus Union, a religious order based in Austria, in which initiates are knighted, attire themselves with cloaks and get blessed with swords. Like the Masonic Lodge, members could elevate themselves in the ranks of the cult by going through “degrees,” and in the words of the Taz report: “they give lectures to each other through secret societies.” Former members of Uniter have also testified that newcomers, with hoods over their heads, are led into Masonic temples, by torchlight rituals. Uniter also conducted workshops and invited people to participate in them, such as, for example, a knife fighting course.

These paramilitary conspirators organized themselves through chat groups that supposedly do not exist today and they consisted of not only soldiers and police officers, but government officials as well, according to a 2018 report from Taz. These people organized themselves also through their association with the organization, Uniter. In fact, it is reported that three of the men within this paramilitary circle have been accused by the Federal Prosecutor for planning the killing of politicians, activists, and people from “the Left”.

One of the chats that Andre was a part of belonged to one “Franco A.” who, like Andre, was also in the Bundeswehr. In 2016, Franco A. was in Albstadt in Baden-Württemberg where he was preparing for “Day X” with two dozen others in a rifle club. It is not surprising that Germany’s Attorney General has given Franco A. terrorist charges. Franco A. spent time with another armed group but this time with André S. aka “Hannibal”.

Uniter worked to find recruits through Germany’s Masonic lodges. In June of 2015 Andre S. wrote an email to a member of the Lodge, in which he referred to the freedom fighters Garibaldi and Washington (both of whom were Freemasons). “Without radical changes, you cannot change the lazy crowd in order to work in the spirit of humanity”, he wrote. It needs “radical leaders” who “can make decisions and go their own way instead of running after the masses”, said another email from André S. also in June 2015. Andre S, not surprisingly, even foresaw a possibly upcoming “war” with Russia and wrote: “The only question is when and how it discharges”.

In December of 2017, four members of the field and military lodge (called the “Henning von Tresckow” Lodge ) in Potsdam were invited to a Christmas party by Uniter in the Fasanerie Palace near Fulda. Uniter, interestingly, was apparently able to use large parts of the property for this. Some members from the Potsdam Lodge who were present seemed startled by what they saw. Two men were subjected to a sophisticated ceremony for the “admission to a higher degree” in the hierarchy of Uniter, according to a letter from several members of the military Lodge “Henning von Tresckow” to their club management in February 2019.

With bags over their heads the two members were “led into a circle of torch bearing men”. There, according to the description, they had to “kneel down in front of a table on which there was a Bible and a skull”. According to the report, they had to “take an oath in front of leader André S. and drink a large glass that was filled with an unknown drink”. André S. explained that this Masonic unit should “be used in the future” if “the state can no longer guarantee its citizens’ security”. By security, Andre S. was referring partially to security from immigrants, since in April of 2019 he published a report on the security situation in Germany that denounced “the violence of so-called immigrants”.

André S. is said to have resigned from the military lodge in Potsdam. But he apparently kept a number of his followers there.  He kept four “brothers” — who were members of Uniter — in the Potsdam Lodge, according to its chairman in a lodge report dated January 20th, 2019. According to the chairman, André S. state “openly” that he “only occupied the” leadership of Uniter “known only to the innermost circle” with Freemasons.

The Potsdam Lodge’s second chairman Michael H., was, according to a 2019 report from Stern, a member of Uniter. But, at the request of members of the Lodge, Michael H. left Uniter in February of 2019. “I quit because of the fears of some friends”, said Michael. But, he still reveres Uniter, always speaking of  “our statutes” when he talks about the paramilitary organization.

So, what do we know from all of this? We know, for one, that there is indeed a growing Right-wing rage in the political atmosphere of Europe against the establishment; we also know that there are indeed Nazis entrenched within Germany’s intelligence apparatus. The question is, if or when will this looming Right-wing presence implode into violence and despotism?

People will argue that the Right-wing rage is necessary (and some will even argue that Right-wing violence is necessary), and they will justify this by saying that Left-wing hysteria is so strong that there needs to be a ferocious reaction. With the rise of Right-wing extremism will come the rise of Left-wing radicalism. The two need each other to exist, and here lies the reason not to follow these factions.

The two are co-dependent on each other, and thus each one is not the result of sincere thinking, but rather are simply reactions to one another. Both the Leftist and the Rightist militants are merely capitalizing on the base inclination of human beings to overreact. We humans have a tendency to (when we see something that upsets us) to justify violence as the solution. But, we must overcome this by not adopting despotic ideologies, but rather understanding the importance of truth. There is indeed truth on the Left-wing side, but its mixed with poison; there is indeed truth in the Right-wing, but there is also poison that lies there. The key is to realize what is true and to eschew the poison.

In this we have a more complete paradigm. There is nothing wrong with sympathizing with illegal immigrants, and having compassion on them, but there is indeed something perverse about calling for the police to be abolished, or to praise the death of police officers, or to support abortion or homosexual marriage. Here lies the problem with the Left. There is nothing wrong with wanting law and order, the question is what kind of order one wants and if this order demands for tyranny, eugenics and murder. In order to prevent ourselves from being seduced by the extremes, we must follow the narrow path, not the wide path that includes all evils (some of them masqueraded as “order” and orthodoxy). Let us not forget, that it was not liberals who murdered Christ, but those of a Right-wing, nationalist and religious order. Evil comes in either two forms: that of chaos and that of order. Those of a liberal persuasion will fall for open chaos, and those of the conservative type will fall for evil that is cloaked as order. This confusion has been, is, and will be at the heart of all societal disorder.