Half Of US Christians Approve Of Fornication

Just because something is common does not make it good. For example, overeating is a common practice, but it is not good. The same can be said about fornication, for while a lot of people do or are doing it, such does not justify the practice. However, the Christian Post reports that many Christians- at least half -are a reflection of the current state of affairs, as they accept such.

Half of Christians say sex between consenting adults who are in a committed dating relationship is sometimes or always acceptable, and over half — with the exception of evangelical Protestants — say casual sex is OK, according to a survey by the Pew Research Center.

Some 62% of Catholics, 56% of Protestants in the historically black tradition, 54% of mainline Protestants, and 36% of evangelical Protestants say casual sex between consenting adults is sometimes or always acceptable, according to the survey.

Among those who are religiously unaffiliated, as many as 84% say casual sex is sometimes or always acceptable, Pew adds. And the percentage increases to 94% among atheists and 95% among agnostics.

Pew clarifies that the survey “did not ask respondents if they themselves would engage in any of these practices. Instead, the questions asked if they found the practices acceptable ‘regardless of whether you would do it yourself.’”

The study notes that the gap between Christians and the unaffiliated is not very big when it comes to sex between unmarried adults who are in a committed relationship.

Fifty-seven percent of Christians say it’s sometimes or always acceptable. “That includes 67% of mainline Protestants, 64% of Catholics, 57% of Protestants in the historically black tradition, and 46% of evangelical Protestants.”

In comparison, nearly 80% of religiously unaffiliated Americans say sex between unmarried adults in a committed relationship is sometimes or always acceptable.

However, Americans, in general, do not tend to accept a range of other sex and dating practices, for example, having sex on a first date, exchanging sexually explicit photographs with other consenting adults, and having an open relationship.

Evangelical Protestants are significantly less likely than most other Christian groups in this analysis to find these practices acceptable, Pew notes. Just over a third of Christians say it’s sometimes or always acceptable. (source)

Unfortunately, these numbers are not a surprise.

There are a lot of problems in the churches, for in spite of what people say, the churches are a reflection of society, especially given how many people still identify with Christianity. This is in spite of the fact that such is a trend that is steadily changing and will for more years to come.

Eventually it is probable that it will come to the fact that Christians will be a small minority in the former societies where they were once the majority, and they will be persecuted and hated. However, because of their small numbers, they will be much stronger and more cohesive as a unite. This issue of sexual mores is just a reflection of this issue, since it is not so much about sex, but rather sexual issues as a thorough mirror into the moral systems of people and how they measure what they believe versus what they practice.

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