50% Of Greeks Say That The Military Should Be Used Against Turkey

By Theodore Shoebat

50% of Greeks say that the military should be used against Turkey. Beside the fact that such an action would result in an utter bloodbath and slaughterhouse, this pole indicates a rising dangerous nationalism. As we read in a report from the Greek City Times:

A poll has found that nearly 50% of Greeks would support using the military to end Turkish aggression on Greece’s continental shelf in the East Mediterranean.

The ruling New Democracy Party maintains a clear lead of 17 points over SYRIZA in the first pan-Hellenic survey of Autumn published Ta Nea.

According to the survey, the government and the Prime Minister are taking a stand, having secured a “vote of confidence” from society as a whole to manage the three key issues that shape the political agenda of the period.

It is clear that public opinion is focused on the coronavirus, the national and economic situation, with concerns and expectations that lead to individual changes in relation to the political climate that was recorded during the quarantine phase.

In the intention to vote, New Democracy has 39.5% against the 22.5% of SYRIZA.

The Movement for Change had a percentage of 7%, in fourth place is the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) with a percentage of 5.2%, followed by Hellenic Solution at 3.5% and MeRA25 at 2.5%.

At the same time, Greek citizens have judged that at a rate of 52.3% that Kyriakos Mitsotakis is more suitable to be prime minister while Alexis Tsipras has a percentage of 26.2%.

Regarding Greek-Turkish issues and the question of how likely do you consider the possibility of a serious incident with Turkey in the near future, 63.7% answer “a lot and likely,” with 34.5% answering “a little and not at all”.

69.8% are in favor of seeking a dialogue with Turkey to de-escalate tensions, while the answers to the question whether Greece should use military means to face the continuing Turkish provocation are nearly equal, with 49.2% answering “yes and probably yes,” and 47.1% answering “no and probably no.”

While many Greeks want to deescalate tensions with their Anatolian neighbor, the fact that enough Greeks want military use is symptomatic of a raging nationalism, and also a presaging sign of how the waters of the Mediterranean will turn red.