Will There Be An ‘Armed Insurrection’ After The 2020 Election?

People often talk about extremes in political life or as reactions to social problems. But given the current tensions domestically between left and right, especially with groups such as BLM and the protests and violence that has been allowed to happen, the Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services Michael Caputo according to Chron.com put up a post that has since been removed from social media saying there is the possibility of an armed insurrection in the US if Trump wins in 2020.

A top communications official for the administration’s coronavirus response urged President Donald Trump’s supporters to prepare for an armed insurrection after a contested election and accused government scientists of “sedition” in a Facebook Live chat that he described in detail to The Washington Post on Monday.

Michael Caputo, assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services, which is overseeing the coronavirus response, leveled the accusations and promoted other conspiracy theories in a Facebook Live event first reported by The New York Times. Caputo confirmed the authenticity of the video in comments he made to The Post.

“Since joining the administration my family and I have been continually threatened and in and out of criminal court dealing with harassment prosecutions,” Caputo said in a statement. “This weighs heavily on us and we deeply appreciate the friendship and support of President Trump as we address these matters and keep our children safe.”

Caputo’s comments come as Trump administration officials say they are seeking to build public support for a coronavirus vaccine but have faced setbacks, most recently the release of audio in which the president admitted that he deliberately downplayed the virus when he knew it was “deadly.”

Trump installed Caputo in April after considering whether to fire Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar over a series of damaging stories about Trump’s handling of the pandemic, according to three current and former White House officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe behind-the-scenes discussions. Allies persuaded Trump to not make such a change amid a pandemic, but instead to bring in Caputo, the officials said. (Trump denied reports that he was considering firing Azar at the time.)

Almost immediately, Caputo began exerting control over officials’ public appearances and statements; by early summer, he had extended that scrutiny to scientists. He and an adviser have faced criticism in recent days for interfering with the work of scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seeking to change, delay or kill weekly scientific reports they thought undermined Trump’s message that the pandemic is under control. Caputo has also sought to wield influence over when government scientists appear on television, telling officials that he approves such bookings. (source)

Now this is possible. However, it is doubtful, and if it is allowed to happen, one must ABSOLUTELY remember that the main purpose is about the continuation of using the “strategy of tension” on the American public, for whatever end.

Personally, I am more interested in not speculation, but seeing what happens in October, for the “October surprise” is a common phenomenon in American politics. Given the situation with COVID-19 and how people are asking for a vaccine, as well as the general social unrest, one may wonder, if something does happen regarding one or both of these items in October, what it will look like.

Right now, there is too much uncertainty for people to be sure of what will happen, other than that a Trump 2020 victory is (as Michael Moore has reflected at) the most likely possibility.

If there is something that the perceived fear of an ‘armed insurrection’ will do (just like the thoughts about an ‘ISIS invasion’ during the end of Obama’s term) will be to galvanize the Republican masses and potential supporters enough to get them to the polls and vote for Trump, and likewise, also to make a lot of money for weapons manufacturers who do domestic sales and even government sales, the latter justifying contracts to police departments around the country in the name of ‘public safety’.

But was far as this becoming a reality, there is not enough evidence to suggest this, and to even suggest this is going to happen at all would be simply to play into the ‘strategy of tension’ that has been used to rip other nations apart and is now being employed against the American people by their own citizens for the same ends of concentrating power through social division.

The most effective thing that anybody could do right now who is seriously interesting in politics or helping the country is best to sit back because there is no good side. Trump is again presented as the ‘lesser of two evils,’ but he is not a good option, and Biden is not an option at all. Instead, focus on helping oneself and those one knows because the economic problems are becoming far more severe and are going to affect all people, and if people are going to survive and thrive in the coming years, they are going to need to learn to work with each other. This is the most effective approach, since politicians are not going to help, especially national ones, where they are more a distraction from taking real action than any benefit for the average person.

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