Germany’s Top Virologist Warns Of Another Wave Of Covid-19: “The winter will not be an easy one.”

By Theodore Shoebat

Germany’s top virologist, Christian Drosten, warned of another wave in coronavirus, making the moribund affirmation that “The winter will not be an easy one.” His statement was presented by DW:

It’s very difficult to make global projections. We have very different, difficult situations in countries around here in Europe. The winter will not be an easy one. While we will have vaccines [available] during the coming year, it could take until the end of the next year for significant parts of the population to be provided with a vaccine.

We won’t get rid of masks anytime soon. So even when we start vaccinating, the majority [of the population] will still have to wear masks.

In countries like Germany and other European countries where the incidence [of infection] is low, there will be nothing like a population-based protection.

In other parts of the world, the situation is very hard to judge. In Africa, we have signs of lower transmission and less severe presentation perhaps due to the lower population age. However, what we are seeing [data for] now is for urban areas on the African continent, where the population composition is particularly young. We don’t know what effect the virus will have as it spreads to the countryside. It is possible that in urban centers the epidemic is already slowing down, but it’s equally possible that it is still to come.