The UK Is Now Getting 6,000 Covid Cases A Day As New Lockdowns Get Imposed in Europe

By Theodore Shoebat

The UK’s covid cases have exploded again to 6,000 cases a day, as Europe is seeing a lockdowns getting reimposed because of a new spike in the virus. As we read in a report from Reuters:

European nations from Denmark and Iceland in the north to Greece in the south announced new restrictions on Friday to curb surging coronavirus infections in some of their largest cities, and Britain was considering a new national lockdown.

Cases in the United Kingdom almost doubled to 6,000 per day in the latest reporting week, hospital admissions rose and infection rates soared across parts of northern England and London.

Asked by Sky News about the possibility of a second national lockdown next month, British Health Minister Matt Hancock said it should be seen only as a last resort but the government would do whatever it took to tackle the virus.

“The number of people in hospital is doubling every eight days or so … we will do what it takes to keep people safe,” he said. “We keep these things under review.”