Christians Have Been Replaced As The New Go-To Demographic

There are various demographics that politicians try to target for their interests. For a long time, Christians were one of these groups. However, and this is a difficult fact to accept, but all evidence points that Christians have been replaced a long time ago by other groups, the most notable non-ethnic bloc (since ethnicity is often chosen first to focus on) is the sodomite demographic. This is noted well by a recent article from the Jerusalem Post which profiles a ‘gay Palestinian Muslim turned Christian’ living in America who has declared his hatred of terrorism and also his love of President Trump.

Hazem Farraj, a former Muslim and Palestinian-American whose family abandoned him when he became a Christian as a teenager, came out supporting Donald Trump ahead of the November 3 elections.

“As an American citizen, I have hope, because someone like Trump sits in the Oval Office,” he claimed in a video shared on Twitter by Richard Grenell, former US ambassador to Germany and former acting US director of national intelligence who was the first openly gay member of a presidential cabinet. (source)

Now the name “Farraj” immediately I find interesting, for while people of many backgrounds can have any number of names, it is from my many years of experience that the name “Farraj” and its cognates (including but not limited to Faraaj, Faaraj, Faraj, Farage, etc.) are associated with persons from historically Christian backgrounds or interreligious families. While I am certain there are Muslims with the same last name, I find this particular person’s affiliation to be unique in my over two decades of experience and work in Islamic studies. I also spoke with Walid, and Walid confirmed that the name “Farraj” is a name associated with Christians, many of them coming from the city of Jericho in the West Bank.

But I would like to focus on something greater, and that is our own Walid.

Walid’s story is well-known and speaks for itself. Summarizing briefly, he was a former Muslim terrorist who became a Christian and became an advocate for peace and Christianity, including Israel, because in order to have peace, one must love one’s neighbor in totality. Doing this did not mean that Walid abandoned his Muslim morality in so far as the morality of Islam corresponds to Christian morality, for if Christianity is the true religion and Islam a lie, then there are not only real truths of morality found in Islam and practiced by Muslims, but that Christianity preserves those same moral truths and perfects them, for the law of God is written in the hearts of all men. This is why Christ said that He did not come do abolish the old Mosaic law, but to fulfill it, since He was restoring the law and transforming it back to its proper place, which is more morally demanding than what it was before and without the unnecessary sacrifices as He Himself would become, became, and is the Perfect Sacrifice. Thus becoming a Christian did not mean that Walid became pro-sodom, but that naturally, his positions that he already had would remain constant.

Walid has written before that actually, there is a lot in Islam that support sodomy. However, there are many Muslims who are anti-sodom because the law of God is written on their hearts as it is with all men. Thus the opposition to sodom we speak of on is not something ‘unchristian’, but very Christian since the sin of sodom cried out to Heaven for vengeance so much that God brought a new deluge to the cities on the plain with fire as a sign for all time as to the evil of that sin.

One can choose to be a sodomite. One can choose to be a Christian. One cannot choose to follow the ways of both Christ and sodom at the same time. This is like saying one wants to be a “virgin prostitute,” for one can be a virgin, one can be a prostitute, but one cannot be both since the two inherently contradict each other.

A journalist and reporter for 20 years, Farraj is explaining in the four-minute video how him and his “Muslim friends” are thankful for Trump’s leadership, saying that “through his policies for peace in the Middle East, he is allowing freedom to flourish.”

“In just three years,” he continued, “Trump has completely crushed ISIS, brought home the troops just like he promised, and took out two of the region’s most brutal terrorists, ISIS leader [Abu Bakr] al-Baghdadi and Iranian General [Qasem] Soleimani, who was responsible for the death of 600 American troops.

“Donald Trump is the right leader to bring peace to a war-torn Middle East, the only candidate who will create the possibility for change in the Middle East.

“I know terrorists fear [Trump], that’s why I support him,” he continued.

“The Obama administration, on the other hand, secretly sent $400 million in cash to Soleimani’s government. At the same time, those leaders were openly chanting ‘Death to America.’

“The disastrous nuclear deal that [former president Barack] Obama signed, and that [former vice president Joe] Biden wants to return to, will make us less safe. This deal all but guarantees a nuclear Iran, and that’s an existential threat to the people of Israel and the West Bank.

“You may think it strange to hear a Palestinian voice concern for Israelis but the truth is peace between Israel and the Palestinians is possible.

Save the ISIS rhetoric, for as has said for a while, there is far more evidence that ISIS is just a modern variant of what Operation Cyclone was in the 1970s and 1980s.

But as far as it concerns peace and a solution to the conflict between Muslim and Jew and the evils of Islamic theology, Walid has been saying this for decades. He was anti-Islam before it was “cool”, and he is arguably the earliest or one of the earliest persons to aggressively push for this position.

And what happened to Walid? He is still here and quite active. However, the reason that he was arguably ‘removed’ from public life was because Walid, being one who wants to promote morality, refused consistently to ‘go gay’ for those who wanted him to speak in so far as supporting the sodomite agenda, and the reason for this is because of simple Christian morality. In short, he was asked to speak alongside a homosexual, and he clearly declined it for moral reasons.

There are certain things that one does not do. One does not murder innocent people. One does not defraud already poor people with finances and onerous burdens that have no real purpose other than power and its perpetuation. One does not rob a man of his daily bread. One also does not sodomize another person. These things are big sins and wrong. If they are wrong, then one cannot support them, and that is the end of the story.

This is the real problem a lot of people had with Walid, because they wanted him to ‘wave the flag’ of the US and sodom at the same time when talking against Islam. The fight against Islam, as Ted, Walid, and I have all said for years, is ultimately a moral fight that is not conditional upon national politics, and as it is moral by its nature, it absolutely cannot involve supporting that which is so immoral that God rained down fire and brimstone on an area so forcefully the area became hotter than the sun.

Yet this is the reality. Those talking about ‘peace’ and who are anti-Islam and mean it are very few. Walid is one of them. Men such as these in this story, however, who will talk about being a ‘Christian’, ‘anti-Islam’, ‘promote peace’, and then will pull out the flag of sodom and wave it with even more pride than the Christianity they claim to espouse are a ‘dime a dozen’, and they are neither Christian nor pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian, since sodomite behavior is not Christian, and to be pro-any group, be it Israeli or Palestinian or another, means to seek the good will of that group, which is to pursue the highest moral good for them, and equivocating bettering these groups to the support of men sexually gratifying themselves with each other’s intestinal tracts is blasphemous.

“In September 2019, the Trump administration went to the UN and announced it’s global initiative to decriminalize homosexuality in 69 nations, many of them Islamic nations, that still make same sex relations a crime including nine countries where it is punishable by actual death.”

He concluded the video declaring that: “I am not bigot, nor is Donald Trump. He doesn’t see race, color, religion or sexuality. And I know that firsthand. Because I’m gay.”

This logic contradicts his so-called “Christianity”, because by this logic, being a Christian is being a ‘bigot’, while being a Christian who violates Christian morality means one is a ‘good Christian’. This is absolute insanity and immorality, and it is not Christianity, but people trying to use the name of Christian to support one of the most anti-Christian ideas one can have.

Trump does see gender and sexuality. He sees it as a source of votes and funds for himself, and he has willingly bent over for the sodomite agenda and will continue to do it as long as it benefits him.

On a final note, what he criticizes here is actually a great scandal in the west today, for many Christians are now supporting a sin that cries out to heaven for vengeance, while it is Muslim people who are supporting Christian morality in the true sense more than the Christians are.

This is not to say that Christianity is wrong, but that perhaps we need to pray and seek the good will of these Muslims, since maybe, with the help and mercy of God, they will be brought into the fold of the Church, since many, in spite of their many failures and shortcomings, seem to be further on the path to Christ than may who claim they are already on it, since God favors no race except the man who fears Him.

But as far as politics is concerned, know this- Christians have been arguably replaced as the new ‘go-to’ demographic by sodomites. Christians are not going to be pandered to, it seems as a trend for the future, lest they first submit to the idol of sodom just as Shadrach, Mischach, and Abdenego were told to follow the God of Israel second but bow to idols first. If they were thrown into an oven, then those who are Christians should expect to be thrown in as well, since that is where the political trends are going, and instead of trying to fight it, it is better to be ready for what is likely going to pass in the future.

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