New Report Reveals: Turkish Soldiers Were Ordered To Murder Syrian Troops To Spark A War Between Turkey And Syria

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat

Isaiah 10 records the Assyrian who gives a speech and says:

“Is not Calno like Carchemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad? Is not Samaria like Damascus?” (Isaiah 10:9)

Few focus on the Assyrian’s grand project to unify the entire Levant—that is the Fertile Crescent under his rule. This sound bite “Is not Calno like Carchemish? Is not Hamath like Arpad? Is not Samaria like Damascus,” tells us why he initiates his campaigns. In other words, the Assyrian is saying this: why is Calno (Baghdad) not part of Carchemish in Turkey and if Hamath in Syria is also included why then is Samaria in Israel not part of it as well? With the rise of ultra-nationalism and populism the Assyrian desires to unify what once was his ancestors’ empire fulfills Daniel 11:24 by accomplishing what “his fathers’ fathers” a couple generations ago failed to accomplish. The takeover of Carchemish has already happened. Carchemish is split between two borders; one half is in Syria’s Jarablus and Karkamış (the other half) is on the Turkish side. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan united the two on 24 August 2016 supported by the US-led coalition “Operation Euphrates Shield”.

Through U.S. Operation Euphrates Shield, Turkey now controls the whole of Carchemish and Dabiq, the strategic town of Islam’s false version of the apocalypse, which is crucial to their Muslim propaganda. Last year Erdoğan proclaimed:

“We entered Afrin, Jarablus [Carchemish], and Al-Bab. Now we will enter the east of the Euphrates.”

Today we see Turkey’s interest conspiring in Iraq and Libya and this week a new revelation appeared before an Ankara court on the realities of Turkish policy in Syria: Turkish intelligence was working to spark conflict with Syria by murdering Syrian soldiers without provocation. This was revealed in January of 2017 by Dervis Tas, a 32-year old sergeant, speaking before a panel of judges at the Ankara 17th High Criminal Court. This hearing was made in relation to the 2016 failed coup against Turkish President Erdogan. Tas recounted how Lt. Gen. Zekai Aksakalli, who was then the commander of the Turkish army’s elite Special Forces Command (Ozel Kuvvetler Komutanligi or OKK), ordered his troops to snipe and murder soldiers of the Bashar al-Assad regime. Tas detailed:

“We were on an assignment in Iskenderun. … The battalion was split in two on Mount Yayla [a mountain range in the border area located across from Syria’s northern Latakia region], right at the border. It was a mission that involved Turkmens [in Syria]. When we were there in February or March 2016, Major Gen. Zekai Aksakallı paid us a visit. The order he gave when he came to visit the battalion was this: Let your snipers shoot regime soldiers from the other side. [We knew] this was a cause for war, but we never questioned his order”.

The reason why Tas brought this up was because he was being tried for allegedly being involved in the anti-Erdogan coup, and he wanted to give an example of how soldiers will do things, although immoral, just because their superior officer ordered them to do so, thus making the argument that he was not guilty for taking part of a coup since he was under orders to respond to what he was told at the time was a terrorist threat against the General Staff headquarters. Tas’ account was corroborated by Col. Fırat Alakuş who said, in the words of Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt:

“Aksakallı was deliberately trying to drag Turkey into the Syrian quagmire because he was personally profiting from the war campaign, getting a cut of funds provided by third countries, especially Qatar, which had been financing jihadist fighters in Syria. Aksakallı was working with Turkish intelligence agency MIT in running illegal operations in Turkey and abroad according to Col. Alakuş’s testimony.”

Tas expanded on his testimony on March 7th of 2018, stating how the plan was to shoot and kill Syrian government soldiers from hidden spots in the wooded area on the border between Syria and Turkey:

“We never questioned this [order to kill Syrian troops], we thought our commanders knew what was best for the nation’s interests, and we said yes to the order without even thinking. We made the necessary preparations to shoot at Syrian regime solders and watched the other side of the border for three or four days. But we killed no one since no regime troops showed up there, and we left the area after receiving new orders”

These new orders came from Brig. Gen. Semih Terzi who, upon recognizing Aksakalli’s conspiracy to pull Turkey into war with Syria, commanded that the soldiers withdraw from the scene. Terzi then issued several complaints to the General Staff on Aksakalli’s illegal operation with the MIT. Terzi was eventually executed under the order of Aksakalli, on the night of the 2016 coup, since he was supposedly plotting to capture Aksakalli and capture the headquarters of the Special Forces Command in Gölbaşı. This would not be the first time Turkey has conspired false-flag attacks. As Bozkurt explains:

“In January 2019 a Turkish court confirmed the authenticity of a leaked audio clip in which top-ranking Turkish officials are heard discussing the possibility of an intervention in Syria in a false flag operation conducted by MİT. In the leaked recording then-Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, then-Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Feridun Sinirlioğlu, MİT chief Hakan Fidan and then-Deputy Chief of General Staff Gen. Yaşar Güler are heard discussing military operations in Syria in Davutoğlu’s Foreign Ministry office on March 13, 2013.

Fidan says in the recording: “If needed, I would dispatch four men to Syria. [Then] I would have them fire eight mortar shells at the Turkish side and create an excuse for war.””

So Turkey wanted to do false flag attacks to justify a war with Syria. The war against Syria is a continuation of NATO Cold War policy, only this time we are not dealing with a Soviet puppet but a satellite of Moscow (the Assad regime). The United States is using Turkey as a proxy to war against Assad, so it does make sense that Turkey would try to make up a reason to spark a war with her neighbor. What we are reading here goes in line with NATO’s past Gladio operation, in which intelligence agencies coordinated terrorist attacks to then blame them on the Soviet Union, only this time it is not Communists but allies of the Kremlin who are being blamed and deemed as worthy of being toppled. War, in many cases, is done based on engineered fantasies, justified by attacks made by your heroes who then blame it on your enemy. With this in mind, I would like to present a brief history on Gladio in Turkey.

When the US was working to use Turkey as a major player for the Gladio operation, the Americans wanted to use the violent pan-Turkist movement to foment anti-Soviet hatred. The American government decided to use a key figure within the racist pan-Turkist circle, Alparslan Türkeş. During the Second World War, Turkes was a Nazi operative who worked as the contact for the German Nazis in Turkey.

One CIA document from 1949 said that Turkey is an “extremely favourable territory for the establishment of both guerrilla units and Secret Army Reserves. Politically the Turks are strongly nationalistic and anti-Communistic, and the presence of the Red Army in Turkey will cause national feeling to run high.” Turkes was no small deal. He became the main contact for the CIA in their Gladio operation. As the CIA trained the Taliban against the Soviets, so the US would do the same with these Turkish racists. In 1948, Turkes made contacts with the CIA, and, it is said, upon being given orders by the CIA, he began to set up a nationalist paramilitary group in Turkey.

Turkes traveled to the United States where he made connections with people from both the Pentagon and the CIA. From 1955 to 1958, Turkes worked within Washington as part of NATO’s mission in Turkey. By 1952, Turkes had already established a paramilitary organization called Seferberlik Taktik Kurulu, or Tactical Location Mobilization Group. The base for this paramilitary entity was the CIA building, American Yardim Heyeti, or the American Aid Delegation, located in the Bahceliever district of the Turkish capital of Ankara. In 1965, the Tactical Mobilization group was restructured and given a new name, Special Warfare Department.

These squads would be used to conduct false flag attacks to spark nationalism in Turkey. For example, in 1955, Turkish agents threw a bomb into the Mustafa Kemal Museum in Thessalloniki in Greece. The bomb exploded and became a popular headline. The Turkish government and press then blamed the attack on Greeks. Racist hatred erupted, and Turkish nationalists then used the story to justify going on a killing craze and a rape spree. On September 6th and 7th, 1955, in the cities of Istanbul and Izmir, Turkish nationalist gangs destroyed hundreds of Greek homes, murdered sixteen Greeks and raped 200 Greek women. Priests were also scalped and burned in their beds. According to a report made by the United States Congress:

 Greek priests were reported circumcised, scalped, burned In bed; Greek women raped. … Just 9 out of 80 Greek Orthodox churches In Istanbul were left undesecrated; 28 were demolished. 

When it comes to racism, we tend to associate it with German Nazism. But the reality is that such racism is also popular amongst the right-wing Turks.

In 1965, Turkes founded the extreme right National Action Party (Millietci Hareket Partisi). The party’s “youth organization” was actually its armed wing, the notoriously violent Grey Wolves. Their creed was that the superior race of the earth was the Turkish race. The magazine of the Grey Wolves, Bozkurt, declared the racist tenets of the organization:

“Who are we? We are the members of the Grey Wolf (Bozkurtcu). What is our ideology? The Turkism of the Grey Wolf (Bozkurt). What is the creed of the Bozkurtcu? They believe, that the Turkish race and the Turkish nation is superior. What is the source of this superiority? The Turkish blood.”

The Grey Wolves see violence as not just a holy principle (Jihad), but a natural part of human struggle, denoting its own Hiterlian Social-Darwinist ideology. The Grey Wolves declared:

“War? Yes, war, if necessary. War is a great and holy principle of nature. We are the sons of warriors. The Bozkurtcu believe that war, militarism and heroism should receive the highest possible esteem and praise.”

In 2015, Ülkü Ocaklar, a member of the Grey Wolves, called for hunting down Armenians:

“What should we do now? Should we start a hunt for Armenians in the streets of Kars?”

Racism and eugenics were part, and are still part of the ideology of the Turkish Right-wing elites. One thing we must understand is that the belief system of Turkey is not Wahabi Islam, but really a mixture of Turkish nationalism, racial theory, and Sufi Islam, or a mystical Islam greatly influenced by the works of Jalal al-Din al-Rumi. Modern Islam is not opposed to theistic evolution (Muslim scholars, by large, accept evolution), thus it is not impossible that eugenics and Darwinism can be held in an Islamic society. This mixture of Islam, eugenics, nationalism and Nazism, will arise again in a very dangerous syncretism.