“Gimmie My Money NOW”

For many years, there was a commercial that ran on the east coast from the Boston to Baltimore areas for a questionable “cash now” service by purchasing structured settlements and annuities. Since it aired often at the same time as other questionable daytime television programs.

What always surprised me about these commercials was how the promise of ‘free money’ enticed so many, hence the saying that the company used, “I have a structured settlement/annuity/something else and I NEED cash now!”

I always found this commercial interesting, because there is no such thing as “free money”, and everything has its price.

Fast forward to today, when the recent elections reports show that Warnock and Ossoff “beat” both Republican challengers for office.

I watched the election results come in. Initially, I did not see many issues with Warnock’s election, although there have been what appear to be some real claims of cheating that some have noted and seem to merit investigation. Ossoff, on the other hand, was in an extremely tight race against Perdue, and I watched in real time the numbers come in alongside sudden and strange ‘vote count’ changes on live television that suddenly gave him a significant advantage over Perdue as votes for Perdue seemed to disappear in real time.


I know what I saw, as did many others, and while both seem questionable, the Ossoff election is by far, in my personal opinion based on what I saw, the more questionable of the two that merits a serious investigation.

That said, it is also a reality that now it appears the Senate will be Democrat favored, giving the Democrat party full control, for the next two years, over two branches of government.

So what can be done? Is this the END OF AMERICA AS WE KNOW IT???

Well, most likely. But really, what we are seeing now is the realization of consequences that have been under works for decades and could have been fixed before. It’s not a surprise. And there is little that the public can do.

However, there is a possible solution. It won’t make things better. In fact, it will make things worse for a time, and will cause global problems. However, from what I can see, it is the only real way to force a political solution, since no one wants to do this at all.

The answer is to demand more stimulus checks- bigger and more frequently.

Biden promised two-thousand dollar stimulus checks if Warnock and Ossoff won. Well, now it’s time to deliver. Pay up, uncle Joe, the people’s wallets are empty and they need to be filled. Noting that, it’s time to talk about a fourth and fifth check too, preferable for at least four-thousand per American, and at that, to think about paying people a UBI.

Why am I saying this? Won’t that destroy the treasury and cause hyperinflation.

The answer is a qualified YES, because that is the purpose!

Allow me to explain more clearly.

If you have learned ANYTHING from the American political process, it should be that Democrats and Republicans equally and alike do not give a single care about the common man. They arguably hate the common man, as evidenced by their actions. Words do not mean a thing in politics, only actions.

Both parties support the same objectives because they are two sides of the same system. The only way to stop the system is to break it, and voting will not break it because if voting actually worked, it would be outlawed.

But money is a different story. The US controls the printing press for the world, and in doing so she controls the global economy. The currency is how countries are manipulated, as well as the public too. There is nothing that most people can do to stop it. However, what they can do, is to destroy the money itself by simply ordering that more of it is printed. In the words of Lord Woodhouselee of Scotland, Alexander Tytler,

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy” (source)

Now I am not advocating for a ‘dictatorship’, but the fact is that the US is heading this way. This is not a secret no matter what the party is, and has been going on for a long time. Will “Democracy” remain? It is possible- just ask the DPRK. But no matter what happens, there are major changes taking place in the US that are serious and long-term, have been based on long-existing problems not dealt with for political reasons, and are simply coming to fruition now.

It is likely impossible to stop the destruction of the US currency and with it, political chaos from coming. The only question is if one can delay the inevitable, but the problem with that is it make the inevitable worse. It is like a festering wound- cutting it off is painful, but do you cut off a finger, or a whole hand, knowing that something will have to be cut?

Personally, I’ll take the finger over a hand. But the latter is what is happening with the nation.

In that case, the best thing to do, to prevent things from getting even worse and in order to start the healing process, is to cut NOW, which means to abolish the currency and force a reset, and the only way to do that effectively is to encourage more money printing.

By the way, there is strong evidence the government knows this too, and is inevitably delaying the obvious. They have been doing this since 2007, when the US economy should have experienced similar based on fundamentals but instead made things worse with the TARP bailouts.

Now, the government is bailing out individual people- the taxpayer -with these ‘payments’. I have explained this before on my primer on hyperinflation and how it could come to the US.

I don’t want hyperinflation. I hope it doesn’t happen. The reality is, however, it most likely will because of economic fundamentals. A deflationary depression was possible back in 2007. It is unlikely to happen today, leaving only the option of currency devaluation as a serious solution, since there is no way to pay back the US debt.

That said, now is not the time to fight. Rather, it is the time to collect. Collect those checks, and either say nothing or encourage more, not because one ‘hates the government’, but because healing cannot begin until the current paradigm ends, and with the political left in power, anything they do will necessarily be blamed on them.

It’s likely why the Republicans wanted Trump out, and even to lose control over the House and Senate- so they could get a free pass on ‘destroying the country’ and to put that on the Democrats, especially when the likelihood of serious economic problems is so high.

So don’t be worried, but do recognize the trends and act accordingly. For those who remain calm, keep to fundamentals, and diversify into tangible assets, there is a chance they may emerge from any economic or currency crisis better than before it.

Until that time, Biden promised checks, and he needs to start printing, so this show can finally start and be done with as soon as possible.

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