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The FBI Warns: Right-wing Paramilitaries Are Planning On Breaching The Capitol Buildings Of All Fifty States

By Theodore Shoebat After fanatics breached the Capitol Building, the FBI is now warning that Right-wing paramilitaries are planning on breaching the capitol buildings of all 50 states. As we read in a report from ABC 7: The FBI is releasing more information about planned protests in D.C. and other U.S. cities leading up to […]

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National Socialist Cult Arrested In Spain For Selling Submachine Guns On Black Market

National Socialism is on the rise in Europe, and this is going to remain a trend for the future as Germany seeks to re-assert herself as the ‘dominant power’ on the Continent. As such, while there have been for a long time strains in this direction, one is going to see them increase in the […]

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China Relies On India For Rice As She Threatens War Against Her

If you want to go to war with somebody, you don’t rely on that person for your food, tools, or anything else you may need, because if you are fighting with that person, he will stop sending you what you need. It’s generally a rule throughout history that this happens. I have pointed out before […]

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Parler Is Toast And Pretty Much All Her Data Was Stolen

It is bad when a website is shut down because it is practically ghosted by other web servers for what seem to be political views. It is bad when people hack (or “hack”) and steal data. But put the tow together, and it is a disaster. Yet this is what happened with Parler, as the […]

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Syria Intercepts Israeli Missiles

While the US has been consumed with attention over the riots in DC, life continues on in the rest of the world. There are reports from multiple sources that claim Israeli force have been launching attacks on Syria, and according to Vatican News, Syrian forces intercepted air strikes launched by Israel from the Golan Heights. […]

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The Capitol Building Breach Is A Lesson For Democrats: Don’t Defund The Police

By Theodore Shoebat When Right-wing fanatics had breached and rioted within the Capitol Building, politicians like Charles Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were begging for help from the National Guard and were eventually defended by police reinforcement. This is a lesson to these people: don’t defend the police:

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