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Pastor Curses Those Who Did Not Support Trump From The Pulpit

Perhaps the most concerning trend developed over the Trump administration was the obsession with political ‘cults of personality’, something that has generally disastrous consequences no matter what the situation. In the case of the US, it showed people having an abnormal like of and pastors willing to give an abnormal level of support for Trump. […]

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Print, Grandpa, Print

The phrase “Drill, baby, drill” was not first said by but was popularized by Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential debates. In a modified version of that, and citing how I have repeatedly noted that the Federal Reserve Bank wiht the government is going to print much more money in the future and the Biden, […]

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EU Certifies Bugs For Human Consumption

I have noted that “eating bugs” in the literal sense is being pushed and will likely become a reality in the next decade or two, following not any real ‘meat shortages’ at all, but rather the advancement of a philosophy that subjugates the majority of the people to a small minority. Having noted this, the […]

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Over 200 Priests Have Been Killed By Coronavirus In Italy

By Theodore Shoebat Just as so many priests were killed by the Black Death because they, in their love for their congregations, did not cease their sacerdotal duties, so now in Italy over a hundred priests have been killed by covid so far. As we read in a report from Aleteia: Italy’s clergy has been […]

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More Questions Emerge About The “Police Failure” Of The Riots

The phrase “mistakes were made”, or some variant of it, is frequently used in American public relations terminology to obscure the meaning or events that happen in a given scenario where potentially ‘questionable’ activity may have transpired. One recent example of this are the DC riots, which have people asking, such as at NPR, where […]

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