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Biden Wants To Keep Europeans And Brazilians Out Of America

By Theodore Shoebat Biden wants to keep the travel ban on Europe and Brazil regardless of the fact that Trump wants it lifted. As we read in the BBC: US President-elect Joe Biden’s spokeswoman says the US will maintain travel bans on the UK, much of the EU and Brazil – despite an order from […]

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Japan Begins Mass Drive In Drone, AI Technology For Military Use

An interesting article that appeared in the Nikkei two weeks ago reports that Japan is working on advanced artificial intelligence technology in military aircraft in order to close its ‘technology gap’ with China. Japan has begun to develop unmanned, remote-controlled fighter aircraft capable of breakneck maneuvers that will be deployed as early as 2035, bracing […]

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Germany Proposes Concentrating COVID Quarantine Rulebreakers Into Refugee Camps

When one speaks of “concentrating” any groups of people into a particular location that are generally disliked in the context of historically Germanic lands, it not surprisingly causes many people to become uncomfortable. reported in 2018 how Austria curiously wanted to ‘concentrate [migrants] into one spot’ through the camps, and how many of the […]

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Yang Calls For UBI In New York

During the 2020 presidential selection process for the Democrat party, Andrew Yang proposed sending Americans monthly stimulus checks for $1,000 USD a person. This idea was immediately attacked by Republicans as ‘socialism’ (which it is), and then, only a short time later, Trump signed the COVID stimulus bill, which is arguably the largest application of […]

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