Archive | January 28, 2021


Stores Close And Robots Rise

CNBC broke out bad economic news today, but nothing of surprise here at, which was foreseeing this trend for a long time, of at least ten thousand stores closing because of economic issues related to the current pandemic. One retail research and advisory group predicts as many as 10,000 stores could be closed in […]

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2020 Was The Worst Year For Economic “Growth” Since The End Of World War II

The effects of COVID are ongoing and will continue as long as the ‘restrictions’ for the pandemic continue on business intercourse. However, remember as I have said that what COVID is doing is not so much ‘destroying’ the economy, but exposing what already existed and was going to cause major problems in the future. It […]

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Proud Boys Leader Is “Prolific” Informant For Police, Law Enforcement

I have said this before, and I will say it again because it is a point worth repeating. Almost all of the so-called “leaders” of these strange, racially-charged “nationalist” movement are directly tied to the government, which encourages said tensions in order to “root out” real potential threats. The government has been doing this for […]

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