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UK Begins Mass Vaccination Program, Discusses Quarantining People In Hotels

The current ‘mass quarantining’ that has been advocated for in the name of ‘controlling’ the COVID pandemic has drawn attention and concern from many because of the seemingly drastic measures being taken without clear knowledge of what exactly is happening or how said measures will stop the virus from spreading and reduce deaths. In the […]

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GM And Microsoft Begin Partnership For Auto Technology

Electric cars and the integration of computers into cars to a point where the two are indistinguishable is a long-term trend for the future to watch. There are multiple sub-trends tied to this, such as the reorganization of cities, urban planning, and changes to the transportation and logistics systems that will affect political trends also. […]

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Hindu Terrorist Promises Mass Violence Unless All Churches Are Closed In His Area

While the US decries “religious freedom” in China, she has turned completely away from India, which as has reported for years, as seen continual increases in violence so that India is now one of the top ten most violent and unstable places for Christians in the world. We have noted that this is part […]

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Massacre Confirmed At Major Christian Church In Tigray With 750 Dead, Mosques Also Targeted

I reported on January 12th that claims of a massacre involving hundreds of Ethiopian Orthodox Christians at a major church in Tigray by Eritrea soldiers happened, but it was yet to be confirmed. Now that massacre has been confirmed and as the Christian Post and UK Telegraph report, 750 Christians were butchered at St. Mary […]

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Parler May Be Back Online With Russian Help, And Explaining How This Works Geopolitically

With lots of talk about Russia and “collusion” over the last four years, and some of it reasonable and other parts not so, it is of interest that ThomsonReuters reports that Parler, the social media alternative which many ‘conservatives’ seem to be attracted to, is allegedly migrating to Russian-backed hosting, at least in part, in […]

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