Archive | January 17, 2021


Iran-Contra Is Back As Tehran, Moscow Pursue New Relations With Nicaragua

In many regions of the world, there are ‘wildcard’ areas that are less inclined to the social and political tendencies of their neighbors. In the case of Central America, Nicaragua is one of those regions, as the small nation is a long-time Soviet and Iranian ally, and ha been a ‘thorn in the side’ of […]

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“Protests” For The Election, And A Lesson From Monty Python

Comedy is funny because it is a reflection of what are often uncomfortable realities through extreme exaggeration. One of the ‘classic’ comedy films still is the famous “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, where the bumbling Python troupe takes the role of knights in the arthurian legend and attempts to find the Holy Grail. There […]

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