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The Great Rebellion, The Revolt Of The Spirit, And The Rise Of Fascism And Communism

By Theodore Shoebat In the course of human history, mankind goes through cycles. In one moment man decides to rebel against morality and indulges in his flesh. Exhausted by the enslavement of the flesh, there is then the revolt of the spirit, wherein mankind gets tires of living within the prison of his desire. While […]

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The Government Of China Makes This Declaration: ‘The Rise Of China Is Has Come.’

By Theodore Shoebat The Chinese government has now been talking about the rise of China as a major global power. As we read in the South China Morning Post: A Chinese Communist Party official responsible for the country’s security apparatus has told law enforcers that the time for China’s rise has come but the struggle […]

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Violence Befalls Central African Republic Again

Violence in African nations was one of the leading causes for the migration wave of 2015 and 2016. As such, watching political trends in Africa can be a way to monitor and keep track of potential waves of migration that may attempt to come to Europe. Right now, there are already serious political conflicts in […]

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Franklin Graham Declares That Those Who Voted Against Trump Are Like Those Who Betrayed Christ

American Evangelical Protestants have been mocked before, and many times for reasons less than noble. However, sometimes the criticism is deserved, since this particular Christian sect has a long history of being both ignorant of history as well as proclaiming its own knowledge of being the historical church established by Christ in spite of massive […]

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Venice Creates Massive Surveillance Grid

The future of ‘privacy’ is the continued trend of its evisceration to nothing at all, with ‘life’ resembling a future more akin to that of a science fiction novel than anything with freedom. COVID passports are not the only example of this, but rather, how surveillance systems based on supertechnology that once freed man is […]

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