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Violence Worsens As Countless Are Dead And Millions At Risk Or Refugees In Tigray

While the world is paying attention to other news, there does not seem to have been a lot of focus given to Tigray. The tiny region in northern Ethiopia with a separatist history has been the site of a terrible conflict that has resulted in countless dead and millions at risk or displaced, and as […]

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Biden Administration Proposes Expanding COVID Regulations

COVID has caused many problems in society, but unfortunately, the effects of the response to the pandemic will likely be more severe long-term. That said, it is of interest that as ThomsonReuters reports, the Biden administration is looking to further expand the current COVID regulations. The Biden administration is “actively looking” at expanding mandatory COVID-19 […]

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Pope Francis Is Absolutely Right, A Repeat Of The Mass Murder In World War II Could Happen Again

There are a lot of things that Pope Francis says that people disagree with. However, Pope Francis’ recent comments on genocide and how it could happen again are very accurate, where as the AP notes, he said that “ideological proposals that claim to save a people” can end up doing the very opposite and destroy […]

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Study: Twenty Percent Of Americans At Any Given Time Have An STD

With the rise in promiscuity of all types comes natural consequences of such behavior. Disease and its spread is very serious, and given how the spread of STDs has lead to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, it is slowly reviving pre-early 20th century conditions, where a person could die from such an infection. Now according […]

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