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Hundreds Of Thousands Flee Central African Republic Into All Surrounding Nations

Continual humanitarian crises inflict the nation of Central African Republic, where fighting between rival groups has destroyed the nation and created ‘apocalyptic’ conditions. Now according to Reuters, at least 200,000 people have fled all neighboring countries, prompting another regional refugee crisis. More than 200,000 people have fled fighting in the Central African Republic (CAR) since […]

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Portugal Becomes The Seventh Nation In The World To Legalize Euthanasia

As the Church goes, so goes the world, according to the saying, and this has become very clear with the declining influence of the Church and the increase in paganism and other ideas of the ancient world making a strong return in modern times. According to Reuters the nation of Portugal, which as a creation […]

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Canada Moves To Decriminalize More Drugs

One trend to watch that I have discussed here on is the move to decriminalize and legalize drugs of all kinds. It is happening in the Western world, but it is a global trend for all nations that while varying from nation to nation, is happening and will be important to watch. In another […]

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Marriage Rates Crash In China

All societies are made up of people, and no matter what one says, nothing can ultimately replace the people, for if the people disappear, the society disappears. The tale of every society can be written in this way, that as peoples change or go, societies change and go. Man makes society for himself, not the […]

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Italy Stops All Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia And United Arab Emirates

Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations are major purchasers of weapons from Western countries. However, Saudi Arabia is going to be short one customer as Italy has moved to halt the sale of thousands of weapons to the nation as Al-Jazeera news reports. Italy has halted the sale of thousands of missiles to Saudi Arabia […]

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