Archive | January 5, 2021


South Sudan Has Massive Flood, Potentially Millions May Starve, Be Displaced

Due to a series of violent weather patterns, social instability, and political chaos, Africa has seen many people flee from her as refugees to Europe. This has caused trends of nationalism, racialism, and militarism to appear again, and also has caused untold suffering for millions in Africa. Two of the major flashpoint areas we have […]

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Putin Moves To Authorize Vaccine Passports

One of the fears that many people have expressed is that of a ‘vaccine passport’, where those who have not received a COVID vaccine are restricted in their travel or other abilities to participate in the social life of their nation. While such things have been talked about in the US, a real threat of […]

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Venezuela Declares Attempt To Switch To Fully Digital Currency

According to a story reported by Bloomberg, the South American nation of Venezuela, which has been suffering from veritable civil war for years now alongside the complete destruction of her currency, recently saw interesting statements from President Maduro, which said that he is planning to switch Venezuela to a fully digital currency. Venezuela’s government is […]

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Rheinmetall Gets Major Contract To Build Heavy-Duty Tractor-Trailers

There were several interesting movements taking place in the military equipment and supplier industries this week, but one that caught my attention in particular was that for Rheinmetall, a major German military-industrial supplier that I have warned about, based on my reviews, could become another IG Farben type company as she seems to be receiving […]

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