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Looks Like Migrant Is Back On The Menu, Boys

In the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy, two of the protagonists, Merry and Pippin, are captured by an orc army. While in their captivity, the army becomes hungry and threatens to eat them. The orc commander tells the other orcs that they are not to be eaten, but brought intact to one of the […]

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Claim: Erdogan Selling Out Fellow Turkic Uyghurs To China In Exchange For COVID Vaccines

President Erdogan of Turkey is showing signs suggesting he wants to crown himself a new sultan in the Islamic world and representative of the Turkic peoples. The political and social implications for this are vast and could reshape the politics for the next century. However, as much as Erdogan wants to rise, there are many […]

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NRA Files For Bankruptcy, Moves To Texas

The NRA was founded six years after the end of the Civil War to uphold the rights of Americans to own guns. They have been chartered in New York state ever since 1871, but now according to CNBC, a historic shift is taking place right now as the NRA is filing for bankruptcy and moving […]

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Have Computer, Will Travel

Do you have a computer? And do you work from it? If those answers are both “yes”, and your job is considered to be ‘above average’ for income levels, then the world just may be a place for you to work it, for as the Internet has enabled people to transcend geographical boundaries, ‘e-work visa’ […]

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