Archive | January 1, 2021


Censorship In The Name Of ‘Free Expression’ Is The Newest One Yet

One of the trends that I have discussed is long-term moves toward the return of Russia to Soviet times, and with that, the return of Soviet tactics such as not seen since the Cold War. Given that the only real major exports which Russia has are cheap guns, cheap vodka, and AIDS-infected prostitutes (ask yourself, […]

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Call It UBI Or Money Printing, But Something Is On Its Way

There are a series of competing economic schools for thought today, and one of the long-established contenders has been the idea that one essentially can print ones way to prosperity. Knowing this, and considering the major deficits that the US has been running in addition to the fact that the government has been printing money […]

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Facial Recognition Technology Gets Some People Wrongly Arrested

With the proliferation of new technologies, especially those which upend previously long-held ones central to society or that are very new and testing different types of evidence, mistakes are going to be inevitably made, and with potentially disastrous consequences. According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been one of the first seeming cases of […]

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