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Immigration Politicking Returns As Biden Orders ICE To Mass Release Inmates has been emphatic that immigration is used as a political football without any care for the migrants or citizens affected. Both political parties use and abuse migrants for their advantage, and the emphasis used changes depending on the particular outcome desired. President Trump, for example, actually did very little to change US migration policy […]

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TERF War: Feminists Blow Up Over Biden “Transgender” Executive Order

Just as there are different kinds of plants, political parties, or peoples, there are different kinds of feminists. One large branch of feminsts are known as TERFs, or “trans-exclusionary radical feminists.” These are feminists who embrace a lot of the questionable or just plain bad ideas of feminism, but they refuse to accept “transgenders” as […]

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Muslims In India Fear As Violent Hindu Terrorists Raise Money For Controversial Pagan Temple

Islam is an evil religion. However, two things must always be remembered, and that is, that one does not fight evil by endorsing another evil in its place, and that Muslims are people who have the ability to change their minds. Any opposition to Islam therefore is not answered by political solutions, and any political […]

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Will The Mediterranean Become A ‘Turkish Lake’ Again?

The Ottoman empire, even as early as the 14th century, was a naval power that rose to prominence in the 16th century at her height when the Mediterranean became a “Turkish lake”. This culminated at the Battle of Lepanto in 1571, which while not annihilating the Ottoman Empire as a naval power, put her as […]

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