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Russia Furious At Azerbaijan After Helicopter Shot Down

The situation in Nagorno-Karabakh is far from over. While Azerbaijan may have won, Russia’s entrance into Armenia is the beginning of potentially something much more serious. Armenia and Azerbaijan were both part of the Soviet Union until her breakup in 1991. Azerbaijan, a Shiite Muslim nation culturally influenced by the Persians, ethnically influenced by the […]

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German Magazine Proposes Increased Shedding Of “German Guilt”, Greater Bundeswehr Role Abroad

It could be said that historically speaking, there are two modes of German history and self-perception. One is a mode of self-abuse and suicidal inclinations. The other mode is one of abusing one’s neighbors and murderous behavior. Certainly there are many examples behavior in between, but the fact is that these two strong passions give […]

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Waiting On The Third Check

First there was one check. Now, a second check. But not to worry if a third check will come, for as CNET news reports, there are already plans from the upcoming Biden administration for a third simulus check, similar to the $2000 stimulus check proposed by Trump and was recently voted down. Will the US […]

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Even Carl Bernstein Says That The Recent ‘Trump Tapes’ Are Awful

Yesterday, I wrote that Trump’s questionable phone call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger was at best highly questionable, and at worse, evidence of criminal behavior that in combination with other concerns about Trump, could be used against him to put him in jail or face other criminal penalties. I’m not a legal expert, […]

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