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Oath Keepers Charged With Conspiracy, Riot, And Sedition

The current rioting and mob at the US Capitol, which as I and many other people have noted after much observation of video evidence, communications, and investigation into the people surrounding the circumstances have found more than a few instance of very strange circumstances that collectively suggest the protests were permitted and encouraged to enter […]

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China Blanket Sanctions Former Trump Administration Members

With Joe Biden, who has a long history of questionable or corrupt dealings with Chinese officials and the government, now sworn into office, he has promised a ‘new era’ of ‘unity’ and other politically nuanced platitudes in his recent speech that psersonally, don’t mean much of anything unless they are meant to make people feel […]

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Cameroon Man Arrested As Part Of Huge African Baby Trafficking Ring

Human trafficking can assume a variety of forms, but it is found throughout history and is not a new idea. From ancient times to now, call these people slaves, servants, prostitutes, soldiers, or just people who want to have a child and cannot have one for any number of reasons, or something else, such things […]

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Rheinmetall Contracted By Bundeswehr To Provide Classroom Training For German Navy

Germany continues to remilitarize, and as a part of this, she is growing her capabilities in different areas. Naval Technology reports that as a part of developments to her naval sector, Rheinmetall has been contracted by the Bundeswehr to provide classroom training for the German Navy Rheinmetall has been contracted for the delivery of an […]

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