Archive | January 29, 2021


Putin Warns Of A War Of “All Against All”

President Putin of Russia, as CNBC reports, made a series of scathing remarks and warnings, saying that due to COVID the world is heading down a similar path that preceded World Wars I and II, and that if caution is not taken, a “war of all against all” could happen. President Vladimir Putin warned on […]

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Biden Expands US Laws On Abortion, Rescinds Previous Policies

Something that can be said about Democrats is that when they say “I’m going to do X”, often times they mean it, especially if it is something that is not necessarily or objectively is bad. Biden, following in this line, as the BBC reports, has done exactly that with rescinding previous bans from the Trump […]

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A Closer Look At Some Curious Personalities In Media

People have used the term “enemedia”- enemy media -to describe the people in the media who take a position that those on the political right disagree with. In fairness, it is rather obvious that many in the press have a ‘left wing’ bias. However, there are also some who have a right wing bias, as […]

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