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The FBI Warned About An Attack On The Capitol Building The Day Before It Happened

A day before the Capitol Building was raided the FBI warned that an attack on the DC edifice was being planned out. As we read in USA Today: The FBI issued a dire internal warning on the day before the Capitol riots that violent extremists were planning an armed uprising in Washington that the attackers described […]

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Not Just Trump- Iranian PressTV News Deleted By Facebook

Although it was restored later, the Iranian news outlet PressTV had her Facebook page abruptly deleted by the corporate behemoth according to an official statement from the outlet. Facebook briefly disabled Press TV’s account with nearly four million followers, alleging that Iran’s international English news network was not eligible to use the social media platform. […]

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Europe Starts A “Ham And Cheese” War With The UK

“Product and food safety” is a real thing, but it can also be used as a tool of childish geopolitical games. Russia is famous for doing this with cheese, as the nation has veritably banned all foreign imports of cheese for what seem to be nothing other than nationalistic impulses, and instead, have forces people […]

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Claim: 750 Christians Massacred By Ethiopian Forces At Major Church In Tigray

Because of the remote location and practical media blackout enforced by the government, information has only emerged in small amounts about the ongoing Tigrayan conflict in Ethiopia and Eritrea. So far thousands have died and millions have been displaced. Now according to Eritrea Hub, a claim has emerged that 750 Christians were massacred by government […]

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Fifteen People Dead After Boko Haram Suicide Blast In Cameroon

Fifteen people have been pronounced dead following a forced suicide bombing from the terrorist group Boko Haram in Cameroon as the Christian Post reports. I say ‘forced’ because the ‘suicide bomber’ in question was a small girl, likely sent to her death by other adults. A small girl, used by the terrorist group Boko Haram, […]

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