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Germany Approves One Billion Euros Worth Of Arms Deals To The Middle East

The USA, Russia, China, France, and Germany represent the largest arms dealers in the world, selling guns to many different nations and as a result, often times fueling conflicts for better or too often, for worse, especially from a humanitarian perspective. As Germany is also a major industrial nation, given that she is the industrial […]

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Humanitarian Crisis Explodes In Tigray, NGOs Cut Off From Access

  While life continues for most of the world, the northern Ethiopian region of Tigray has been wracked with horrendous violence following the recent conflict there that is potentially provoking another refugee crisis and wave of migration out of Africa. According to the National Catholic Reporter, the humanitarian crisis is growing as international aid agencies […]

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Did Trump Just Try To Commit Fraud?

It is noted that given the tremendous questionable patterns of voting behavior, there were a lot of ‘funny’ things that went on in the 2020 election that likely contributed to a Biden victory. This is very wrong, and needs to be investigated because there are many claims, not enough answers, and a lot of genuine […]

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Report- Religious Persecution Will Significantly Worsen In China And India

Religious persecution is increasing around the world, but China and India are two major hot spots to watch, since there is open hatred for all things Christian in both nations, and there has been no secret made, barely hidden, that there is a long-term plan to eventually exterminate Christianity and Christians from both nations in […]

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Turkmenistan Prepares To Build New Highway Network Connecting Turkey To Central Asia And East Asia

Turkmenistan is one of the most centrally controlled nations in the world, akin to North Korea. This nation, home of President Gurbanguly Berkhimudrov who recently declared that licorice root could cure COVID, has put forth a new plan to build a highway network connecting Turkey, beginning at the Caspian Sea coastline, by road to Afghanistan […]

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