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Violence In The Capitol And Lots Of Questions

(Part I, Part II tomorrow) Today was quite the day. There have been protests, the first time ever that the US Capitol building was “broken into”, and lots of chaos. Trump has been suspended from twitter and had some tweets deleted that you can read here. He also had a video deleted that you can […]

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The Jeffery Epstein Of France: Read About The Major Right-wing Pedophile Network That Raped And Exploited Tens Of Thousands Of Children

By Theodore & Walid Shoebat “As for me, I don’t want to die in this city, if I can help it … because you are all entangled in this sin [of sodomy]. … I don’t believe there’s a single spot in the city that is not contaminated and corrupted. … what you have been reduced […]

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Pro-Trump Protesters Besiege, Storm US Capitol

In a breaking news development, pro-Trump protesters have besieged and stormed the US Capitol after erecting a cross in front of it. They just put up a cross in front of the capitol building — Anna Timmer (@VeritasSola) January 6, 2021 View from inside the Capitol as people gather on the West Front. The […]

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“Gimmie My Money NOW”

For many years, there was a commercial that ran on the east coast from the Boston to Baltimore areas for a questionable “cash now” service by purchasing structured settlements and annuities. Since it aired often at the same time as other questionable daytime television programs. What always surprised me about these commercials was how the […]

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Major Leftist Priest Removed From Parish Amid Investigations For Abuse

Fr. Michael Pfleger is a rather notorious priest in the Chicago area who for decades as positioned himself with elements of the political far-left. He has been featured on many television shows and been a source of political as well as ecclesiatical discontent. However, according to a story from the Chicago Sun Times, Fr. Pfleger […]

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