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33 children rescued

FBI Rescues Thirty-Three Children From Sex Traffickers In California

By Theodore Shoebat As part of an operation to crack down on sex trafficker networks, the FBI has been doing rescue missions of children from these evil people. According to NY Daily News, the FBI just recently rescued 33 children from sex traffickers in California. Nearly three dozen children were rescued in California this month […]

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joe biden and trans freak

Joe Biden Signs An Executive Order Declaring That Trans Women Are Real Women

By Theodore Shoebat Biden signed an executive order that makes the Civil Rights Act’s prohibition of discrimination on the basis of gender to include sodomites and men who have their genitals cut off (otherwise known as “transgenders”). What this essentially means is that real women — in the eyes of Biden and the rest of […]

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Forget About Islamic Terror, Domestic Terror Is The New Point Of Focus

For years, the threat of Islamic terror was discussed, and while terrorism in Islam is real as a theological imperative and can be explained by Islamic sacred scripture and tradition, some expressed concern that such talk of terrorism was being prepared so that it might be used on fellow citizens. Both views are correct, and […]

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Major Protests Overshadow Russia Over Navalny Imprisonment

One of the trends I have watched is the state of Russia in decline and at a crossroads. The great eastern nation now stands at an important point in her history, following an almost century-long rape by the Bolsheviks from which she has never been able to recover. This is not to say that Russia […]

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Report: Major COVID Related Supply Chain Shocks Incoming

One of the trends that I have explored and been warning about are the shocks that COVID is causing, naturally or artificially, to the supply chain worldwide. I wrote a piece about this in March 2020 discussing tool shipments (which prices have risen for and there have been consistent shortages or delays in purchasing), and […]

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Study: COVID Job Losses Four Times Worse Than From ’08 Economic Crash

I have been saying repeatedly at that the effects of COVID were going to be worse than the virus itself, for pandemics pass, but the effects of bad decisions can endure for a very long time. In the case of COVID, it is that the already-crumbling world economic system’s problems have been dramatically amplified […]

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