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Round Two As Trump Faces Second Impeachment Vote

Things are not looking good for Trump. In a update to the current news, it appears that Congress is moving forward and has finalized a historic second impeachment of President Trump. Abandoned by some in his own party, Trump could do nothing but watch history unfold on television. The suspension of his Twitter account deprived […]

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US And Japanese Auto Manufactures Forced To Slow Production Due To Semiconductor Shortage

China has many weaknesses, but one of her strengths is that because she has been so heavily relied upon as a source of cheap labor, many industries were built up in here without necessarily thinking about the consequences for the future. One of those industries is the semiconductor industry, which while not wholly isolated to, […]

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US Introduces ‘Robotic’ Military Vehicles

I have noted that robotics is going to be in a coming global conflict what the machine gun was for World War I and the atom bomb for World War II. He who controls the machines will gain the tactical advantage necessary for victory. As such, the development of AI an AI-robotics systems is going […]

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Stick A Fork In It, The Don Is Done

Trump’s political career has been as interesting as it has been an absolute failure, but not just a general failure. It has been a disastrous one, because what began as a movement that promised and- as I have emphasized before and will continue to emphasize -even if it did realize only 10% of its promises […]

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Uganda Orders All Social Media Blocked Ahead Of Election

Many countries do not have the levels of free speech that the USA once so openly had. In fact, many will quickly shut down any speech considered potentially of an incendiary nature. As such, Reuters reports that Uganda has shut down all social media in the follow up to her election. Uganda ordered internet service […]

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