Oath Keepers Charged With Conspiracy, Riot, And Sedition

The current rioting and mob at the US Capitol, which as I and many other people have noted after much observation of video evidence, communications, and investigation into the people surrounding the circumstances have found more than a few instance of very strange circumstances that collectively suggest the protests were permitted and encouraged to enter the capitol building, the government is formally ‘cracking down’ on those who participated. In a report from CNN, members of the Oath Keepers group are now being charged with conspiracy, riot, and sedition charges.

Prosecutors on Tuesday filed the first significant conspiracy charge in the US Capitol attack, alleging that three members of the so-called Oath Keepers, an extremist militant group, planned and coordinated ahead of the January 6 assault.

In an amended complaint unsealed Tuesday in federal court, an FBI agent divulged striking new details about the group’s efforts. Jessica Watkins, the alleged founder of an Ohio militia, had instructions to make explosives out of bleach printed out at her home, according to the court document.

While at the Capitol, one alleged member of the conspiracy, Thomas Edward Caldwell, allegedly received a Facebook message reading “All members are in the tunnels under capital seal them in. Turn on gas.”

In subsequent messages, an unidentified person appeared to give Caldwell directions inside the labyrinthian government building:

“Tom all legislators are down in the Tunnels 3floors down” one says. “Go through back house chamber doors facing N left down hallway down steps,” says another, according to court documents.

Watkins turned herself into local police in the state on Sunday along with Donovan Crowl, another member of the Ohio group accused in the conspiracy charges.

The pair, along with Caldwell, are accused of moving together “in an organized and practiced fashion” as they pushed through a crowd towards a door to the Capitol building, according to a charging document.

We have a good group. We have about 30-40 of us. We are sticking together and sticking to the plan,” Watkins said, according to the affidavit.

At another point in the recording, after Watkins reports to the group that unknown others were “throwing grenades” and “shooting people with paint balls,” a man responds to her telling her to be safe and adding, “Get it, Jess. Do your F**king thing. This is what we f**king [unintelligible] up for. Everything we f**king trained for.”

I want particular emphasis put on those parts in bold, because those fascinate me.

Who were these ‘unknown people’ that supposedly instigated further actions, and sent instigating message? That is the big question, because that would likely tell us a LOT about what happened.

All of the evidence, as I noted, suggests this protest was not a ‘violence incitement’, but that the entrance to the capitol was encouraged and permitted. There is no way that a bunch of red hatted protesters with flags could ever get into the US Capitol unless they were allowed- as in the government wanted this to happen. The optics of the man with the Auschwitz shirt, the man with the Confederate Battle flag, and the other strange behaviors that took place are just too strange to be normal. If the capitol was this easy to raid, forget about foreign nations, he street gangs of Washington, DC would have raided it and turned it into their base of operation years ago.

Since we can reasonably say the above is true, which I have elaborated on in more detail in other works, and knowing that the US government has a long history of using self-inflicted or known but permitted terrorism (the attack on the US Maine in the Gulf of Tonkin to start the Vietnam war, the allowing of the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor, the curious ties between Bin Laden to the CIA and the 9/11 terror attacks, to Operation Northwoods, and so forth) to achieve political objectives, then it is far from unreasonable, but a very reasonable possibility that those “unknown persons” encouraging violence and sending violent messages to the Oath Keepers could have been agent provocateurs from the very government who allowed the same protesters to enter the Capitol building.

Again, I want to stress I have no proof that the above paragraph is true. In fact, it is purely speculation, but a speculation derived from the lessons of past historical actions, which as it is well-known and proven, past behavior is the best indicator, in almost every case, of future trends. Thus, while I am not going to say “this is what happened”, the possibility is not just real, but so realistic that it would be intellectually dishonest to simply write it off as impossible since it would require openly ignoring the lessons of the past which have been proven.

The Oath Keepers are in serious trouble, but this is not about the Oath Keepers. The best lesson that one can take away from this incident is that protests and major demonstrations are political things, likely started by the same people who claim to oppose them, for their own gain at your loss as a pawn in a game of chess. Pawns are always the first pieces to be sacrificed, and there is no honor in suicidal behavior that just destroys your life and the lives of those around you without any real gain being made.

America as the average man understand that she is, or once was, is no more. This is not necessarily abnormal, because nations come and go, and peoples change. The rules of the political game have changed again, and this time the US is resembling the very world that many fled from a century ago. With this lesson in mind, it is important for people to understand this and respond accordingly, for if one does not understand that protests such as this do not help one’s image and cause but only cause unnecessary problems, what more will it take for the message to be understood?

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