FBI Rescues Thirty-Three Children From Sex Traffickers In California

By Theodore Shoebat

As part of an operation to crack down on sex trafficker networks, the FBI has been doing rescue missions of children from these evil people.

According to NY Daily News, the FBI just recently rescued 33 children from sex traffickers in California.

Nearly three dozen children were rescued in California this month as part of a multi-agency human trafficking bust led by the FBI, prosecutors announced Friday.

Of the 33 victims who were recovered in the Los Angeles area, eight were being sexually exploited when they were found, according to the agency. Two sex-trafficking victims were recovered multiple times during the investigation, a disturbingly common development since many victims “may not even realize they’re being trafficked,” authorities said.

“It is not uncommon for victims who are rescued to return to commercial sex trafficking either voluntarily or by force, fraud, or coercion,” the FBI said in a news release. “This harmful cycle highlights the challenges victims face and those faced by law enforcement when attempting to keep victims from returning to an abusive situation.”

Several other victims rescued this month had been sexually exploited in the past and were considered vulnerable missing children. One of the kids was a victim of a noncustodial parental kidnapping, according to the release.

The effort, dubbed “Operation Lost Angels,” resulted in the arrest of only one suspected human trafficker, though “multiple investigations” have been launched into additional individuals, authorities said.

Some of the minor victims were also arrested and charged with probation violations, robbery or other misdemeanors.