The Man With Horns Who Stormed The Capitol Building Is An Actor Whose Body Is Covered In Symbols Of Germanic Paganism, And Who Has Now Practically ‘Disappeared’

(Part II, continuation from yesterday)

Update: Angeli was arrested on 1/9/21, and this story was published on 1/8/21. However, this was three days after the incident happened. It still generates many questions about the nature of his arrest, considering that he was in a position of leadership, and it will be to watch what his response will be when he is placed on trial for his actions. 

Writing to the Colossians, he says, See that no one beguile you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, and contrary to the wisdom of the Holy Ghost. He had been at Athens, and had in his interviews (with its philosophers) become acquainted with that human wisdom which pretends to know the truth, while it only corrupts it, and is itself divided into its own manifold heresies, by the variety of its mutually repugnant sects. What indeed has Athens to do with Jerusalem? What concord is there between the Academy and the Church? What between heretics and Christians? Our instruction comes from the porch of Solomon, who had himself taught that the Lord should be sought in simplicity of heart. -Tertullian, A Prescription Against Heretics

With the Western World descending against into a state of political chaos, people are angry at their leadership and want change. Their sentiments ae understandable, and considering how the concerns of many have been ignored for a long time with nothing but animosity stoked between the different social and political factions, it was only time before some kind of social unrest would happen.

However, unrest does not last forever. Likewise, the events of January 6th are neither an end nor a minor incident, but the beginning of a trend that we have been warning about at, which is the escalation of sociopolitical conflict that will build up throughout the 2020s until it, most likely, erupts into a global conflict. What we are witnessing is the buildup to another attempt at turning the wheel of revolution, the Dharmic cycle of ancient Indo-European philosophy dating back to the ancient world expressing the struggle between the ruled and rulers that has gone on since the days after Eden. This is the very cycle that the pagans took note of, and it is one of the reasons why Christ came into the world, to smash the cycle of revolution and establish a kingdom that would not end so that there would be many peoples, of all tongues and races, united under the empire of Christ, the merciful ruler and just judge Who is Love itself. This will be fully brought to realization in the second coming.

Until Christ returns, the struggle between rulers and ruled will go on as it has in the past. Christians are not exempt from this struggle either, except that being a Christian gives people the tools to either avoid or mitigate many of the effects of the cycle of revolution as it has been for most of history. The temptation to return to tribalism and paganism, often manifesting itself under the covert forms of traditionalism and nationalism, has been the basis of many revolts in the Christian world that have caused the most horrible massacres in her. Julian the Apostate in the fourth century rejected all of Christianity and attempted to ‘repaganize’ the Roman Empire, that while failing he also murdered many innocent people. For centuries, the Church struggled to convert and civilize wave after wave of Germanic, Uralic, and later, Slavic and Baltic tribes that crashed onto Europe from Central Asia and often fought aggressive wars in the name of paganism against the Church. For over a Millennium after the legalization of Christianity, the open military and social struggle against paganism was real.

That struggle also never died, as beginning with the Hussite revolts in Bohemia and Moravia, took the same heathen impulses and transferred them to the struggle for national identity, which eventually fractured Christendom beginning with Luther’s insurrection in the 16th century that used real problems of ecclesiastical abuse to subjugate and equivocate the Church in Germany to support of the German nation and Germanic political objectives. This eventually set the conditions for the horrendous Thirty Years War, and from the peace after the war, the acknowledgement of the state as a power superior to religious authority. This likewise justified the further separation of religion from social life that most influentially manifested in the French Revolution, whose effects still live on to this day and are invoked regularly by politicians in the name of “Fraternity, Egality, and Liberty”. The American Revolution is not so much a story of “freedom”, but that of a nation formed on the principles of the French Revolution, and while many of her founders claimed an association with Christianity, the US has not nor until this changes ever can be considered a “Christian country”.

It is for this reason that in America, there has been a struggle in Christian circles with nationalism, why the Catholic Church has never been fully accepted, and why an Evangelical is quick to fly the flag before even putting on a cross, because religious piety, whether spoken or not, and even whether acknowleged or not, it often seen as a patriotic as well as a religious endeavor in the same act.

A curious effect of this tendency, which can also be seen historically in Europe or anywhere else it appears, is that one will see people who call themselves Christians forming alliances with pagan persons or groups for achieving political objectives. For example, men who call themselves “Crusaders” may march in union with self-professed “Sons of Odin” opposing Islamic migration into Europe, done in the name of nationalism. However, such things forget that to be a Christian means not just to oppose Islam or heathenry committed by the sons of Ham, but that which Japheth and Shem also commit. It means standing against the Kabbalistic wizardry and spells written by medieval rabbis as much as it means rejecting men who put deer antlers on their heads, or who wear animals skins and carry a spear while hailing the power of Thor and his hammer, Mjolnir. To ally with pagans is to be ignorant of history and the theological realities of what it means to be a Christian, as well as to forget the millennium of struggle against open paganism, not to mention the continual struggle that goes on today against the same evils of the ancient world.

I’d like you to meet Jake Angeli, real name what appears to have been revealed as Jacob Anthony Chansley of Phoenix, Arizona, also known as the ‘horned guy’ from the recent January 6th protests. While people who called themselves Christians carried crosses, even erecting a cross in front of the capitol, and while ‘preachers’ called upon the ‘name of Jesus’ as some people claimed who marched and even who went into the Capitol building itself, as life site news reports, Angeli was also there, dressed in animal skins, shirtless, and covered in tattoos.

Who is Jake Angeli? The media reports I have seen focus on his costume, how he is from Phoenix, Arizona, and how he calls himself a “shaman”. However, I found these answers to be less than satisfactory. I decided to look further, and sure enough, I was able to find his Facebook page, which has since been shut down. However, before it was closed and the content presumably eliminated, we were able to grab a lot of pictures of what he had.

Mr. Angeli’s Facebook profile is rather new, with the earliest posts made in April 2018, from what appears to be the beginning of when he opened the account. Given that he is in his 30s, it is likely that he would have been exposed to Facebook in the 2000s, and so possible that he would have had an account open for years. This is especially so considering that he claims in one interview that he has been a practicing Shaman for 20 years.

Watching this interview may want any man to question who this person is. He speaks vaguely specific about political matters, claiming, as the US Sun and other newspapers have pointed out– all from Mr. Angeli’s words -that he supposedly possesses supernatural or preternatural powers to ‘see the elite and their crimes’, but without ever providing any evidence to support his statement other than his own fantasies.

He said: “As a shaman, I am like a multi-dimensional or hyper dimensional being, ok.”

The 32-year-old, who previously identified as a singer and actor, claims he is able to “see into these other higher dimensions that these entities – these pedophiles, these rapists, these really high up people…

…that they almost hide in the shadows in.”

He added: “And most people can’t see that because the third eye ain’t open.”

Among his bonkers claims, he said the world elites have underground bases where they are developing “anti-gravity technology” and “infinite energy.”

In the 10 minute rant, in which his views are never questioned, he also said the elites, including the “banking cartels”, are involved in “cloning and all sorts of crazy stuff” and want to create a “one world government.”

He said Trump is like the “good cop in this global organisation” who is personally responsible for the arrests of Harvey Weinstein and the leaking of Hillary Clinton’s campaign emails. (source)

You can see many similar statements in the video above.

Such things are the statements at best of a deluded man. Not exactly the kind of person to lead a movement

Angeli goes by the Facebook handle ‘Yellowstone Wolf”. He has also uploaded images of wolves and shamans onto his Facebook page.

These images bear a strong semblance to the imagery used by Jack Donovan, who has written frequently about. Donovan is associated with the political right and promotes “masculinity” along with a justification of violence and the belief that moral right comes through forces of strength in a revival of Darwinian thinking. For example, the costume worn by Angeli resembles the cover of Donovan’s book, Becoming a Barbarian.

But a closer look at Angeli himself reveals a series of tattoos associated with Germanic paganism, and to that the political right. In order from top to bottom on his chest we can see the Valknut (a three-interlocking triangle pattern used in contemporary Germanic paganism), Yggdrasil (the Nordic pagan “tree of life” that Odin was supposedly hung on), and Mjolnir, known as “Thor’s Hammer”. All three things are not just pagan, but frequently used by the political far right in Europe and America.

However, there is a curious thing no one seems to have noted. Remember earlier when I said that Angeli’s Facebook account began in April 2018? We can see in a photo from October 2018 that Angeli did not have those three National Socialist tattoos. Likewise, when we look at a photo from December 2019, he is wearing the same costume, but he does not have the tattoos on his chest either. This means that those three tattoos, which take up the full left side of his front torso, were added in the last thirteen months, and noting that from the second video below was filmed in November 2020, they were added in the last eleven months.

Likewise, another interesting point, on his acting page- as Angeli has a profile for acting work on -we can see he also does not have those three tattoos, meaning the photo is older than December 2019 at the very least.

Interestingly, Angeli was at a Black Lives Matter Protest earlier this year, in his signature outfit.


Ask yourself, why would a man with tattoos associated with racialism, paganism, and National Socialism appear at a leftist rally? One might say he would be there only to incite unrest or provoke people to action, but he does not seem to have done this. This provoking, by the way, seems to be the majority of Angeli’s work, where most of his social media profile involves posting on right-wing causes or ideas, and videos of himself claiming he is part of the so-called “qanon” movement to get rid of corruption in government, and also MAGA.

Look at this video and these posts.  What purpose do these posts have other than to incite people to anger and possible street actions, even violence?

Angeli also had a GoFundMe for his own presidential campaign, but that has been deleted by Gofundme.

Angeli is also interesting because as the UK Telegraph points out, he had met with Rudy Giuliani during his recent visit to Arizona, and there is a photo one can see of him here shaking hands with Giuliani.

Ask yourself, how did he get so close to him? Certainly it is possible that he may have been lucky, but here Angeli is in a suit, not his signature pagan garb. He looks presentable, like many others, and given the high security around Giuliani, considering how many people hate him and want to harm him, the fact that Angeli got so close is interesting at the least.

Angeli seems to be well-connected, as at the protests he was giving speeches in his Viking suit that people were actually paying attention to (see 15:45 to 17:30)


But the UK Telegraph points out a very important bit of information as to the recent protests about Angeli:

Despite the brazen entry into the Capitol building it is not thought that Angeli was arrested.
Adrian Morrow, a reporter at a Canadian newspaper tweeted: “I spoke with Jake Angeli, the QAnon guy who got inside the Senate chamber.
He said police eventually gave up trying to stop him and other Trump supporters, and let them in. After a while, he said police politely asked him to leave and let him go without arrest.
Washington police chief Robert Contee said 52 people had been arrested Wednesday, 26 of them on the grounds of the Capitol, for curfew violations, unlawful entry and weapons charges. (source)

Think about it. Of all the people that stormed the Capitol, the man who arguably lead the movement, dressed in animal skins with Pagan and National Socialist-affiliated tattoos, climbed up onto the center speaking post for Congress, and began making bold proclamations was let into Congress, did his thing, then left after police asked him and does not seem to have been arrestedMeanwhile, at least four dozen other people have been arrested.

If there is anybody that should be arrested it is Angeli. However, so far that he seems to have disappeared and so far does not seem to have been arrested is very telling, for while the media is calling for a virtual hunt of each person who entered the Capitol and is vilifying anybody who supported the marches before they happened (as compared with the summer, when outright looting, rioting, and burning was portrayed as ‘peaceful protesters’), Angeli just has disappeared into nothing.

This reminds me of a case when several years ago, Ted spoke with a woman, Mila Odegova, who was involved in pro-family, anti-LGBT protests in Russia. The leader was a self-professed Russian Orthodox zealot who called himself Dmitry “Enteo” Tsorionov who confronted a blasphemous artwork display and destroyed it. This happened in 2016, and while many of the protesters, including Mila, were arrested and went through years of legal proceedings concerning it and had their lives nearly destroyed as they were given criminal records and had a very hard time finding a job, Tsorionov was set free after a short conversation with police and even went on to date Maria Alyokhina of the infamous and blasphemous band “Pussy Riot”.

Now, we cannot be sure of everything, but the fact that Odegova was enmeshed in a legal mess while Tsorionov, the supposedly “orthodox” man and leader who organized the attack at said event, was set free and is now dating an openly anti-Christian blasphemer, strongly suggests that both he and Alyokhina are just actors working for a greater employer in creating a “strategy of tension” in order to manipulate the public.

Likewise, another highly concerning observation is the fact that the Capitol was broken into.

Ask yourself, given that DC is the capitol of the most powerful nation in the world that history has ever seen, a nuclear power who in the last century incinerated 100,000 Japanese in the firebombing of Tokyo and dropped two nuclear weapons on the same nation, a nation who has and continues to invade or overthrow small nations to force them to comply with her will, is not able to defend her Capitol building from a bunch of angry citizens with MAGA hats, lead by a man dressed like a sort of Viking with no shirt on? If the military wanted, in less than 90 seconds that building would swarm with the full force of the US Military, and these protesters if they refused to scatter would be forced to scatter with gas and dogs before being arrested, and if not that, shot with real bullets.

Just look at DC. DC is a crime-filled hellhole. Surely by now one of the many criminal groups could not have organized an uprising against the nation’s capitol if it was so weak? But they have not, because it is not possible. That is what makes this demonstration so questionable. The circumstances and nature of the protest suggest that not only were people encouraged to anger, but that the actual ‘storming’ may have been encouraged because that was the desired result. For example, consider that there were people wearing shirts talking about “Civil War” and emblazoned with the current date of protest as well as a shirt saying “Camp Auschwitz” and carrying the stars and bars through the Capitol.


Yet what did this protest accomplish? Much like the ridiculous “Unite the Right” protest in Charlottesville, VA in October 2017, all it has done is further already existing political divisions, encourage both left and right to engage in more public acts of violence, and ruined the lives of those arrested since they will become scapegoats for a political movement that does not care about them.

Meanwhile, the “leader” of this event- an actor -walks away into nothing, disappearing from all social media, as the very profile on Facebook he so aggressively posted on was deleted along with most other websites featuring information he put online.

Prior to deleting his social media on Facebook it was filled with all things promoting patriotism and even Christianity alongside paganism as well as Jewish causes or ties to Israel. For example, Angeli has worked for Fiverr doing voiceovers. While his Fiverr account is now gone, there were five reviews on it, and three of them seem to have been based in Israel.


Angeli also has tattoos of two Stars of David- one on his toe, and one that appears on his leg.

Note: this second compilation of photos was not done by me. This was done by another person. I am using it because I saw but did not download the photo of his foot, but I did see it on his currently removed Facebook profile.

What does this mean? At the very least, given his associations with the occult, it only reinforces that he takes his occult practices presumably with a degree of seriousness. It could also mean supporting political or religious causes, such as Zionism and Judaism, as his Facebook likes suggest. has pointed out before how many times, there is a nearly inseparable line in the highest echelons of far-right political movements or other European political-occult circles between them and Kabbalism.

Some of Angeli’s photos also features images of New Age occultism and Hinduism, the latter of which has noted maintains ties to the political right owing to the ‘aryanism’ of ancient Hinduism and its use by National Socialist thinkers and movements.


So what do we know about this person? Very little, in fact, as there is little information available on his family history, whereabouts, or even existence. In fact, “Jake Angeli” may not even be his real name, and he exploded onto the social media scene in April 2018, so he has not been around that long.

What we do know about Mr. Angeli is that this man:

-Is a self-professed “shaman” and Trump/MAGA/qanon supporter

-Is an actor with a confirmed acting profile

-Has three large tattoos associated with Germanic paganism and National Socialist ideologies he received in the last thirteen months

-Is strongly interested in the occult, and has multiple occult tattoos on his body including those associated with Hinduism and Kabbalism

-Has a social media presence that only began in April 2018 even though he is 32 years old and presumably would have lived through the inception of social media, when most people were getting involved in it.

-Lead a “storming” of the Capitol by the permission of police, was asked to leave by police, left, and so far has not been arrested

-Almost all information about Angeli, his whereabouts, and his online presence have disappeared into nothing, like smoke from a candle into the air, including all his past statements

I have focused most of my discussion on Angeli, but the problem here is greater than just him.

Ask yourself, how on earth were a bunch of questionable-looking people carrying incendiary flags and dressed in basically costume able to “raid” the Capitol? Indeed, it may see that Mr. Angeli was intentionally let into the Capitol.

If you think that- as do I personally -then you are not alone. The Washington Post, as “anti-Trump” as it is, interviewed people who participated in the rally, and how multiple people (1:42 starting) below, said that they believed based on what he saw, the protesters were allowed in, noting an abnormal lack of police at certain parts of the Capitol as well as the police allowing people to move in ways that as one person describes were (2:50) ‘like a picture moment’.


Still not convinced? Then one must ask why the Mayor of Washington DC ordered police to stand down the day before the incident at the Capitol building.


Was this just another event where “mistakes were made”? Please. Even video footage from the event appears to show police opening the Capitol gates to the mob.

As for a comparison, when Black Lives Matter was protesting at the Capitol this summer, the police presence was a lot different.


Now some will say “This is proof of white supremacy, blah blah”, but this is just to recite a socially-popular trope for the current time. Rather, looking at the information we have gathered above about Angeli and seeing the behavior of police, who as has pointed out before will act as intentional provocateurs, all signs point that people in power wanted the Capitol to be occupied and broken into. This was no “insurrection”, this was a role in a political drama for a sucker to play, which was lead by an “actor” that has since disappeared from the Internet completely an now is being pointed at by all political sides to justify the righteousness of their actions in the future, all of which have only two ends- stripping the last remaining freedoms from the common man in the name of ‘security’ to further and more completely enslave the people from what they already are, and the creation of conditions for more violence in the future. In addition, the protests have the added effect of giving police the ability to identify who the “serious radicals’- the people who may participate in a real insurrection in the future -and arrest them.

One may draw his own conclusions, but in my personal opinion, as an individual, all signs point to this being a massive public psychological operation, larger than what happened at Charlottesville in 2017, that gained nothing and will only result in the common man losing more than what he has already lost.

There is an excellent lesson for the future to be gained from this, which is that in an American context, mass protests and even a lot of the current “political action” is not helpful, and most often will result in harm to yourself and others. The true way to win is, in the words of the movie Wargames, not to play. If one wants to do something, is to stay as far away from them as possible, to take what one can from them and give the littlest possible in return, and to place family, friends, religion, community, and one’s own home over any sort of political bickering, and not to allow this to destroy any of them, as politics itself is not destructive, but only how men respond to other’s actions.

These protesters come in many forms, from men dressed in Viking costumes to as was seen at the protests, the name of God and Christianity, but as Tertullian writes, it is better to avoid vanity and focus on what matters, which means avoiding the spiritual and political heretics of the time and the corrupting influence of their misguided ideas.