Forget About Islamic Terror, Domestic Terror Is The New Point Of Focus

For years, the threat of Islamic terror was discussed, and while terrorism in Islam is real as a theological imperative and can be explained by Islamic sacred scripture and tradition, some expressed concern that such talk of terrorism was being prepared so that it might be used on fellow citizens. Both views are correct, and with respect to the latter, these concerns are truer than they have ever been as the Washington Post reported by was of MSN News that the FBI has said that domestic terrorism is a new threat to focus on.

The storming of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 crystallized for national security officials that violent extremism is not a threat exclusively imported from foreign shores; it is made in America.

These conspiracy-minded, far-right potential threats are police officers and firefighters, Realtors and bartenders, even public officials from across the country, emboldened by the affirmation of President Donald Trump and each other to publicly espouse racist views or commit violence against the government, analysts say.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Friday that Biden had tasked the director of national intelligence, in coordination with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, with compiling a comprehensive threat assessment on violent domestic extremism. The White House will also have its National Security Council review policy to determine whether the government can better share information or take other steps to mitigate the threat. She said the review would be overseen by Joshua Geltzer, a former senior director for counterterrorism, along with current officials. “Clearly, more needs to be done,” Psaki said.

Officials have said FBI agents visited extremists ahead of the event to discourage them from traveling to Washington. But the bureau did not take other steps — such as issuing a formal threat assessment to law enforcement — that might have raised the level of alarm more broadly. Capitol Police, the agency responsible for securing Capitol Hill, also prepared an internal intelligence report warning of a violent scenario in which “Congress itself” could be the target of angry Trump supporters on Jan. 6. But the complex was overrun by rioters nonetheless, as law enforcement was slow to respond aggressively.

In a statement, the FBI said its “No. 1 priority is fighting terrorism — both international and domestic,” and noted that its first Joint Terrorism Task Force was formed in the 1980s in response to domestic terrorists responsible for bombings in New York City, Chicago and Washington.

“Regardless of how the threat has evolved, our commitment remains the same,” the FBI said (source)

This is a good time to remember, as I have stated before, that too much domestic terrorism is encouraged by the very entities commanded to ‘protect’ against it.

One of the most notable examples I have pointed out is the case of Hal Turner, who people for some reason continue to listen to, a confirmed FBI agent who was encouraging violence against Connecticut government figures. When arrested, while in Hartford Superior Court, he admitted that he was a paid “agent provocateur”- using that exact language -in court for his defense.

This is the real face of much of the so-called “white nationalist” movement that is an open secret and easily revealed. The overlap between this “movement” and the government is too curiously seamless because the former is a puppet to justify the actions of the latter. The real threat is not “white supremacists”, but rather those who largely created, control, and use said movement to justify their own actions. This is not to say that real racial abuse or violence does not exist, but rather to emphasize that much of what is presented as something to pay attention to is actually a puppet which entertains the public while people refuse to look and ask who the puppeteer is.

At this point, people who openly support the “white nationalism” movement are not so much “terrorists” as they are dupes for the very system the so claim to want to oppose, since the evidence is not hidden, but has been known and discussed for decades and yet so many consistently embrace not just morally wrong, but open honeypots as legitimate movements seeking their best interest.

However, it does not matter that such things are a honeypot or not, because the fact is that such movements can, are, and will be used to justify the further growth of government into the common man’s life and to the loss of his rights and freedoms. This is the real trend, and putting people against each other as “pro” or “against” this is not even the real issue, but rather how it is being used to distract men from the trends of what are happening to both sides as the pointless fighting continues.

Take care not become one of such deceived.

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