A Closer Look At Some Curious Personalities In Media

People have used the term “enemedia”- enemy media -to describe the people in the media who take a position that those on the political right disagree with.

In fairness, it is rather obvious that many in the press have a ‘left wing’ bias. However, there are also some who have a right wing bias, as such is only natural. People have opinions, and those who work for a company have to ‘play by the rules’, even if it is for less than honest reasons.

However, many of those with left-leaning views in the media genuinely have them because they believe them. They don’t have the views because, for example, they may be agents of an intelligence branch of the government seeking to disseminate a certain type of propaganda.

That second issue is the question and topic we are looking at today, because for this part, we are going to examine the curious case of Chanel Rion, hostess of One America News, who while not admitting being an intelligence agent in any direct way, nor having that directly associated with her person, has a history with a lot of curious overlaps that suggest work with intelligence agencies, or just that are very odd and must by their very nature raise questions.

Chanel is not new to controversy. A UK Daily Mail article did an extensive report on her family, which showed that her father had a series of very questionable business transactions resulting in numerous court cases for fraud and according lawsuits, and her grandmother is a well-known occultist. However, there may be a lot more to her father than what she lets on.

Assuming that she is telling the truth (because one should presume the best in people), a close look at Chanel’s biography, given on her website reveals some interesting information.

Chanel’s upbringing required keeping her schooling at home. Except for her early schooling in France and debate camps at conservative America’s famous Patrick Henry College, near Washington D.C., neither she nor her brother or sister ever set foot in a school until university.

Homeschooling is certainly not uncommon, but traveling around the world, as it suggests? This is the domain of rich people, or the children of diplomats and spies (since too often there is scarcely a difference between the two). Also, as one will note and see further in her autobiography, she never discusses what her father did for his job when he was in these places, or just in general. This is another indication suggesting that something more may have been at work, as to who exactly he was working for.

“What started this peculiar journey for us was the candidacy of William Clinton in 1996. That year, Clinton ran for reelection against dad’s old friend and onetime political mentor, Bob Dole. Clinton was the last straw, so dad picked up stakes and moved us out of the country. I think he wanted us to see what a debauched idea socialism was and that socialism was what the Clintons stood for. He wanted us to see what socialism did in the real world—how it destroyed people and human happiness in practice.

I do not wish to insult this person. However, I must say that this is an absolutely crackpot answer.

Who, can you name, actually fled the country because of Bill Clinton’s SECOND election? I cannot recall anybody who did this. Clinton, love or hate him, did some bad things, but overall was a guy who wanted to party with girls of any age (legal or not), and from what the stories suggest, take drugs and have a good time. Think of one more relatable to a college student who never grew up an just continues his ‘dream’ as an adult through his job excursions.

What is one fleeing Clinton from? Ties to his sex scandal? Hardly. The next paragraph gives even more information.

“First, we moved to South Korea, a few miles from the DMZ, where I began the first of the many years it took to learn to speak my mother’s native Korean. There, I could look out across the fences into and across the DMZ, past soldiers and guns, at the worse enslavement and torture of human beings on God’s earth at this insanity of the total socialist state–at what was the home of a then 14-year-old boy named Kim Jung Un, who was playing somewhere inside this prison camp country; who would soon grow into a madman who would one day die in there when he tried to blow up America and the world, killing millions, including my Korean loved ones in Seoul, just 30 miles from the DMZ. But I didn’t know then. It would have been a lot for a child with already much to think about–to think about.”

So you decide to ‘run away’ from the Clintons, only to take up residence a few miles from the border between tow nations who still legally are at war with each other and have been since 1950? That’s like moving from East New York to to Southern Sudan with the reasoning “I want to show my children the effect of real urban violence”.

Who does this? Nobody does this if they are sane. However, assuming we are dealing with sane people, then there had to have been a reason. The question again remains with the father, for who we known nothing about his work, except that somehow, he had the money and ability to do this. Such actions, generally speaking and based on past trends, are more aligned to those of a diplomat or a spy.

After South Korea, Chanel and her family moved into an ancient strap and gear crossed grain-grinding stone watermill in France, a three-story affair, where farmers in oxcarts and pickups actually brought grain by for grinding. “When winter came,” Chanel recalls, “the miller quit and we moved to an unheated stone maison in the hills of a communist farming village in the mountain region of France where we bought goat cheese and baguettes every day from a monastery on the way home from school and where dad again swore we were never returning to the U.S.”

And may I ask, what precipitated the move from South Korean- ON THE DMZ -to France, and of all places, a “communist farming village”? Note here the overlapping theme of communism again, something which the main purpose arguably of the CIA and Gladio is- to fight “communism” by backing National Socialism around the world, evidenced even before and during the creation of the CIA with Operation Paperclip, where German and Japanese war criminals were not punished, but brought to the US and given high-paying jobs for the government.

Likewise, I must ask again, how did her father manage to do this with a wife and three children? Moving around the world is not something to be taken lightly. One move, yes, but multiple moves? To a place that she described? Something is not right with this situation, as again, when these kinds of ‘lifestyles’ appear, too consistently are they either diplomats or spies.

“In my earliest years we lived in Texas, far from town. Dad bought the northernmost part of the King Ranch from an Exxon subsidiary, but there we were,” Chanel recalls, “all pine trees and no cattle, a few thousand acres of coastal forests, miles of fence and roads and a bad plan to raise all the horses we could round up if we could ever find them again in the woods brimming with rhinoceros-sized man-eating wild hogs. Not all places are kid-friendly. Little did I guess this was the first of what would became some dramatic personality changing settings for childhood.”

So Texas-South Korea-France, or South Korea-France-Texas? It doesn’t really matter about the order, but again, something doesn’t seem right because of the constant moving the family. This description does not lend itself to suspicious behavior save for potentially grandiose descriptions about what she claims are her memories, yet we can see more proof of this constant ‘moving’ she speaks about.

Chanel has become known as the best political illustrator in the country for constitutional conservative and anti-leftist causes and as President Trump’s most stalwart graphic warrior against leftism.

Chanel has been frequently described as one of Hillary Clinton’s “worst nightmares” because she stands as a fierce foe of anything Clinton, of everything Obama, and as a total and unrelenting enemy of academic left-liberalism and political correctness anywhere—she’s out to stamp it out and when Chanel skewers the enemy, it can be a powerful thrust—sometimes shocking, always articulate—linguistic and graphic gems that strikes the heart of the insanity of the political left.

Now we are getting something interesting. She is fervently anti-left, and in the description here and all going below describes herself as a hard-core rightist. In a sense, she is a definite radical, and radical politics- be they on the left or the right -too often are associated with less-than-honorable or questionable causes, such as those for intelligence agencies.

Also, is Clinton really scared of her? I have a difficult time believing this. The Clintons are very wealthy, very well-connected, and knowing they have a history of ruthlessness, I suspect that if they actually were scared of her, Ms. Rion would likely have “committed suicide” a long time ago. What is more obvious here is a lot of big talk but not a lot of action- which perhaps makes sense why she was routinely invited by Trump into the White House.

But more seriously, that last point is something also to note. Journalists do not just get constant invitations into the White House unless they have some kind of connection as essentially a propaganda agent for the current president. Given Ms. Rion’s open ties to right-wing positions and her history with her family, not to mention how she works for a pro-right wing news station with an overly patriotic name, while we cannot say for sure, it has the historical signs of a plant for the purposes of propaganda.

Chanel is engaged to Courtland Sykes. Unsurprisingly, he saw the Dejour article and they met at what was a CIA recruiting event at Harvard.

How revealing. Like dad like daughter? We cannot say definitively, but given her father’s questionable history and actions moving his family around the world for reasons that don’t really make sense, and into at least one very dangerous place, the fact that she openly mentions a CIA recruiting event on her biography that she attended does not help her case if she wanted to argue that she was not tied to them.

Also, since a CIA refruiting event is not a mating ground, her connection to this with her now husband, Bobby Courtland Sykes, who refers to himself as Courtland, is interesting to explore.

Who is Mr. Sykes? We really know very little about him. An excellent and scathing article on Medium.com which explored Mr. Sykes in a lot of detail states aptly-

But who is Courtland Sykes? What do we know about him in a general sense? To put it bluntly: not much. His official website is extremely vague on everything: his policy positions, who he is, where he works — the list goes on. A quick web search to learn more information about Sykes, his campaign and his past turns up virtually nothing aside from recent news articles about his anti-feminist remarks or his official website. The complete lack of any information about him prior to his campaign is alarming and incredibly suspicious. It’s almost as if, prior to a year ago, he almost didn’t exist. But he’s a real human person, so that obviously can’t be true. What’s the deal?

Just like people who appear out of nothing, or who mysteriously travel around the world while holding extreme public political positions, all should be considered with a lot of suspicion, and the fact that we know he was at a CIA recruiting event doesn’t help him if he wants to argue that he is not an agent.

As the Medium article notes, Sykes operates a company called Talosorion that after refusing to initially talk about it at all, said it was a military contracting firm but has no clients. The paperwork is also scant on it, with little details about it. This is another sign of questionable activity, because it is a repeating pattern to see “military companies” or other odd companies appear with no clients, no income, little paperwork, just names that exist, but become associated with questionable- and politically charged -movements that later are noted for having government interest.

A look on the Talosorion website reveals nothing, but as we look closer, we can see that the name “talosorion” comes from two pagan gods- Talos, for “protector goddess Europa” and “the shield”, and Orion, “the hunter” for “the sword”.

This kind of lauding pagan gods- especially something so incendiary as “protector goddess Europa” -has appeared repeatedly in the neopagan-driven alt-right and neo-right movements in Europe advocating for National Socialism, extreme nationalism, and even mass murder against migrants, Muslims, and even Christians. Shoebat.com has covered this extensively, but we and others have demonstrated there is a constant overlap between the promotion of National Socialism as policy from intelligence agencies through Gladio since the end of World War II, paganism, and the political right.

But back to a more direct point about Mr. Sykes, which is, where does he get his money from? Who is paying him? He doesn’t live on air, and his Instagram account clearly shows that Mr. Sykes loves the ‘high life’, and in order to actually live that life, you have to have the money to pay for it. Either he is paying from some unknown income source, or somebody is paying him, or he is doing it all on credit cards (the least likely option). The question is, who is Mr. Sykes real employer?

Nobody can seem to figure that out, given how secretive he is. But he does leave a few clues in his Instagram.

Most of his Instagram is a monument to what apepars to be his own ego and inflated sense of self-importance, showcasing a very wealthy and grandiose lifestyle. Between these posts, we can see a series of interesting ones. For example, in one Instagram post, while in Panama, he hashtags himself with the tag #diplomat, yet as we go on, there is little to say that he is actually a “diplomat” at all. However, he tags himself later at the British Embassy. He also has many photos of things to do with his time in the Navy and the Iraq war.

As Medium notes, he is very anti-Iran, and makes clear that he is also anti-Russia and pro-NATO, the latter two of which are particular aligned with the GLADIO agenda.

Interestingly, Sykes posts a photo of himself with the former President of Panama, Ricardo Martinelli, at what appears to be a high-level event. Martinelli was a US ally who was involved in business and trade deals with the US, and who extradited former US enemy Panamanian military leader Manuel Noriega to Panama to face charges. However, when Martinelli fled Panama later, due to wiretapping charges against his political enemies, he was arrested in Florida and extradited back to Panama but found ‘not guilty’.

Even reporters, with all of Chanel’s connections, just do not get that close to major presidents of other nations or other major personalities with such closeness, nor visit embassies with the fluidity which Sykes, a man who for all our purposes has no background, no past, and no income, does.

But one of the most telling posts is one where Sykes claims that he is related to Mark Sykes, who authored the infamous Sykes-Picot agreement. If this is true, then there is a very, very strong chance that Mr. Sykes in question here is a generations-long government agent. This would explain his lack of discernible sources for income, and his interesting overlap with the British Embassy, with some ties to the UK. He is the embodiment of, in reflecting on a term of what Professor Carroll Quigley described in his book, the Anglo-American Establishment. This explains how he and Chanel can stay in Monaco, his constant photos at private beaches and locations showing off cars and wealth, photos with missiles, or hanging out at the Jekyll Island Resort where the infamous Federal Reserve Bank was formed.

But perhaps, most interestingly, he put up a photo recently of James Bond, the world’s most famous spy.

So, what can we conclude from all of this information?

There is a lot that we cannot directly say, because we do not have the absolute, direct proof. However, we can say that it is not an accident that Ms. Rion and Mr. Sykes are so close, because the overlapping evidence strongly suggests (yet is not definitively proved) that both are government agents of a sort who met through mutual acquaintances because of related family work. In essence, it may be a case of “agent meets agent” and falls in love. Since while we cannot confirm this, there is certainly a lot of interesting overlap that provides such to be a reasonable, evidence-based way to answer questions about their interesting lives.

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