German President Warns That German Nationalism Is On The Rise, Threatens The World Political Order noted for years that nationalism was going to be a major trend to watch, especially in Germany, since the growth of Germanic nationalism directly corresponds with increased prospects for war and violence against her neighbors. It is so common that one might call it cyclical. As such, it is going to continue to be a critical trend to watch the rise of Germanic nationalism and anything that could be used to promote or stimulate its growth.

It is of great significance therefore, when German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier says, reported by way of BloombergQuint, that German nationalism is rising once again and poses a threat to the world political order.

Germany warned that nationalism risks undermining the international political system, which helped pave the way for the country’s reunification.

Marking 30 years since the day East and West Germany combined “makes us aware of the benefits of the international order, which is today so seriously challenged — unfortunately even in Western societies,” President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said on Saturday in Potsdam.

“We Germans stand for international cooperation, even if it’s become more difficult,” he said in a speech at the country’s reunification festivities on its Day of Unity holiday, adding that Germany had rejected “national navel gazing.”

While Steinmeier didn’t mention Trump by name, he noted that the U.S. had previously played an important role in facilitating European integration and German reunification. He thanked “this America.”

The German president, the official head of state who doesn’t play an active role in government, pointed out mistakes in integrating the East, which still remains behind economically and is underrepresented in high-level jobs. The gaps have helped fuel the rise of the far-right Alternative for Germany, which has a strong base in the former communist region.

People feeling disconnected from the political system creates “fertile ground for populism and extremist parties,” Steinmeier said. On the day of German unity, “we must painfully realize that the fight for freedom and democracy isn’t won — not anywhere in the world.” (source)

This is a serious trend to watch, and it is one that few are expecting, but if it continues on the current path, will become a major issue by the end of the decade, as it may lead to a serious war.

The song of history seems it is playing again.

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