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Satellite Images Purportedly Show Turkey SECRETLY Transferring Fighter Jets To Azerbaijan

Turkey is flexing her geopolitical and regional muscles once again, and this time it seems to be happening through her ally of Azerbaijan in the current Azeri-Armenian conflict over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh. According to a report from The Drive, satellite images have uncovered what appear to be Turkey secretly transferring fighter jets into […]

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Pandemic May Bring About Massive Decline In Christian Practice

As the effects of the pandemic continue to show themselves, the Barna group is reporting by way of the Christian Post that the disconnect from attendance at church may cause large declines among younger members of the various Evangelical denominations. The coronavirus pandemic could accelerate a loss of faith among the next generation unless churches […]

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Tens Of Thousands Of People Have Disappeared From Mexico With No Trace

Many people associate deaths, abductions, or disappearances with places such as the Middle East. However, the neighboring country of Mexico has become infamous for this as tens of thousands of people have disappeared in the nation without a trace. They’re known as los desaparecidos — those who have vanished without a trace. And their numbers […]

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Report: Expect Masks For Years To Come

With the spread of COVID-19 and the push for masks, regardless of what one thinks, the concept of ‘masking’ is a global and long-term trend that is not going away. According to one representative from the Spanish National Research Council, as far as Europe and Spain are concerned, it may be for years that people […]

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Twelve Observations On The State Of US Demographic Trends

Every ten years, since 1790, the US government takes what is called the Census. The length and extent of the questions have changed repeatedly over the years, but the principle is all the same throughout, which is to try and get an estimate of how many people live in the country, who they are, and […]

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