Archive | October 25, 2020


European Restaurant Industry Faces Heavy Losses Related To COVID-19

The American restaurant industry has taken significant losses from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. The same is the case for Europe. However, owing to the more localized and less corporatized nature of European versus American restaurants, they are more exposed to losses (the same has been noted in the US, where mom-and-pop restaurants have struggled while […]

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Report: Support For Sodomite Marriage At All-Time High

One of the trends that has noted is that support for all things sodom is going to continue and increase as the Boomers pass away and the Millennials and Zoomers take power. Based on current projections, at least 75% of Millennials support sodomite ‘marriage’, while for a time, the national average stood at about […]

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Biden Makes Major Slip-Up In Interview Over Voter Fraud Comments

Errors of speech are real. Freudian slips are real as well. One can decide how one wants to interpret this, but what cannot be denied is a recent video from Zero Hedge showing Biden making a very interesting statement about voter fraud. Former Vice President Joe Biden suffered from either a senior moment or a […]

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Commercial Real Estate Falls Into Deeper Jeopardy As 76% Of CEOs Plan To Reduce Office Space- Was Warning About This

One of the trends that I have repeatedly noted at is the jeopardization of the commercial real estate market. Most of my focus has been on the retail and housing markets, as this is the greatest concern and most easily measurable facets of this which one can trace a trend it, but it is […]

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Image Of The US Slips In The Eyes Of The World

The US has been the undisputed global superpower for a long time. However, all things change. No empire lasts forever, and according to the LA Times reported by Yahoo! News, the image of the US in the eyes of the world is changing, with people looking away from her. In the eyes of much of […]

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