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Jihad Explodes In Southern Africa As ISIS Besieges Mozambique And Her Neighbors Move To Fight

There are many things happening in the world right now, but in the southernmost regions of Africa, in the former Portuguese colony of Mozambique that borders with Zimbabwe, has heavy natural resources and as well has seen tremendous Chinese investment into her, suddenly the Islamic terrorist group ISIS has traveled to her and is waging […]

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One Quarter Of European Airports Face Fiscal Insolvency

As one who has family who worked in the transportation industry, it is a very rare thing for an airport to go bankrupt, as they are considered extensions of government power and authority. Airports do not just ‘go bankrupt’, but rather are reorganized under different funding structures so to keep them viable, because it is […]

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The Fed Really Is Running Out Of Ways To Help The Economy

I have noted many times at that the Federal Reserve bank has one way it runs policy- printing money -and because that is its only tool, it will print money until the money itself becomes worthless. However, with all of the manipulation, tricks, and distortions the Fed can try, there are limits to their […]

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Poll: Thirty Percent Of Women Under Twenty-Five Identify As Sodomites

In September 2018, reported a trend that the Zoomers are the most sodomitically inclined generation in US history, with 25% identifying with the bloc. Now two years later, a new poll reaffirms this trend with reports that it is not just twenty-five, but thirty percent of Zoomer women who identify as sodomites. A shocking […]

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