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US Deficit Reaches Record $3.1 Trillion USD

Children sometimes uses phrases such as a “bajillion” to describe money amounts that are too large to understand, and at this point it is arguable if such language should be employed at the Federal Reserve, which according to the Wal Street Journal notes has reached a record over $3 trillion dollars and climbing. The U.S. […]

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Trump Declares: ‘I Still Want To See Hillary Clinton Get Locked Up.’

By Theodore Shoebat Remember back in 2016 when Trump’s audience would scream “Lock her up!” and then how he told Hillary Clinton herself during the presidential debate that she should be in prison. Well Trump just defended this and still wants her to be in prison. As we read in the Hill: President Trump on Friday […]

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The Harder The Media Attacks Trump, The Stronger Trump Becomes

By Theodore Shoebat There is a common narrative that the media is out to take Trump down. But one thing I’ve noticed over the years is that the more the media gives negative coverage on the person, the more attention that person gets. You cannot win a political election without attention, and since there is […]

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China Steps Up Trade War With Australia, Says To Stop Using Australian Cotton

Trade wars tend to precipitate hot wars, and as China has been militarizing on her own and as a trend trying to exert regional pressure in Asia, she is now attempting to economically pressure the Austrailian import-export market by pressing her manufacturing sector to refuse to use Australiian cotton and coal ore according to Zero […]

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Is The Biden Campaign ‘Up In Smoke’ Over A Series Of Business Deals And Laptop Photos?

There are some things in life that are generally bad decisions. These include but are certainly not limited to corrupt business deals with questionable foreign powers while holding a position of power or influence, smoking crack or other mind altering drugs, and fornication with loose women or prostitutes. Combining any of these things tends to […]

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