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Will Erdogan Look To Fill A Power Vacuum?

With a tumultuous US election, at least as how it appears from the outside to many, world leaders are taking notice- some with concern, and others with delight. According to the Washington Examiner, one of those in the latter category is noted as being President Erdogan, sparking fears among some that a ‘power vacuum’ created […]

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Armenia And Azerbaijan Agree To A Second Round Of Talks

While the US talks about elections and argues over who will ascend the stairs of power, Armenia and Azerbaijan are still shooting at and killing each other in a horrible war with potentially major geopolitical implications for the Middle East. Given the trends toward war, the revival of the USSR at the same time with […]

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France Begins Crackdown On Muslim Groups Following Terrorist Attack

Following the vicious attack by the Chechen Aboulakh Anzorov, there has been a public uproar across France, with public anger as well as the French government now exerting pressure on Islamic organizations according to Index.HR. POLICE began a search in France today for “dozens” of individuals from Islamist circles after a Chechen terrorist beheaded a […]

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teacher beheaded in France

History Teacher In France Shows His Students Drawings Of The Prophet Muhammad. An Islamic Terrorist Ambushes Him Outside Of The School And Chops His Head Off. Police Officers Arrive And Eventually Kill The Terrorist

By Theodore Shoebat A history teacher in France showed his students some drawings of the Prophet Muhammad, after which he was later ambushed and beheaded by an Islamic terrorist. Police officers tried to arrest him but had to shoot him after which he later died in hospital. As we read in France24: A French teacher […]

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Now Garbage Bags Of Ballots Are Being Found In Washington State

With the chaos already beginning, Oregon’s her sister state to the north of Washington there have been found trash bags by the side of the road containing mail-in ballots according to KOMO news Washington. Sammamish Police are investigating potential mail theft after two garbage bags of mail, which included ballots, were found on the side […]

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10192020a Prediction Starts To Come True As Major Commercial Real Estate Crisis Looms

One of the concerns that I have repeatedly addressed at as a trend for the future is a looming ‘real estate crisis’ right now where commercial real estate, most of which is leveraged heavily, cannot service said debts because businesses, which are equally leveraged, cannot service their own mentioned debts because the consumer is […]

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