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Chinese Government Demands The Name “Genghis Khan” Scrubbed From French Museum Display About Mongolian History

I have written many times that the US and Anglosphere has mastered the art of lying, the Russians cannot lie by have mastered the art of bluffing (better than the Anglosphere), and China can do neither but when she attempts, she appears as an insane man making a barely veiled attempt to cover his criminal […]

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armenian church bombed

Christian Persecution Is Already Being Done In The Caucasus As Azerbaijan Bombs Armenian Cathedral

By Theodore Shoebat The anti-Christian nature of the war against Armenia is already revealing itself as Azerbaijan just recently bombed an Armenian cathedral. As we read in Christianity Today: Armenia accused Azerbaijan on Thursday of shelling a historic cathedral in the separatist territory of Nagorno-Karabakh, where nearly two weeks of heavy fighting has killed hundreds […]

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Turkish Nationalists Storm Armenian Neighborhoods To Show Their Hatred For Christianity And Their Love For Erdogan

By Theodore Shoebat Turkish nationalists stormed Armenian neighborhoods to show their support for Azerbaijan against Armenia. As we read in France24: Turkey’s Armenian community is becoming increasingly fearful about reprisals as fighting rages in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed territory claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan, which has the support of the Turkish government. On October 5, […]

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The Sun Sets On The Golden Dawn As Its Leaders Get Lengthy Prison Sentences

The Golden Dawn is an infamous Greek National Socialist group which has written on and been one of the few outlets in English to describe her tied to satanism and a hatred of Christianity. While the group calls itself “Golden Dawn”, for now the sun has set on her as according to the UK […]

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Catholic Diocese With A Troubled History Gets A New Bishop

One of the most infamously corrupt archdioceses in the Catholic Church in the United States is arguably the Archdiocese of Boston, and within the oversight of Boston the Diocese of Springfield is known for a long history of very questionable behavior, as well as of having priests who are difficult. However, a new bishop for […]

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Things Just Got Real As Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia Of Planning To Attack Her Pipelines

The current Azeri-Armenian conflict over the region of Nagorno-Karabakh already has caused many war casualites. However, as with many wars, there are certain things that one does not do. Armenia alluded that they might attack Azerbaijan’s oil pipelines that lead into Turkey and which are the heart of its economy. Azerbaijan responded that if Armenia […]

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Colleges See Massive Declines In Enrollment

Education has always been an important matter, but in the US, one of the trends that I have identified at for the future is a major decline in enrollment in educational institutions, followed by a likely significant decrease in prices for education followed by a restructuring of the “college experience” itself to one that […]

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Fifty-Two Syrian Fighters Go To Azerbaijan To Fight And Kill Armenians For Turkey. The Armenians Then Ambush Them And Kill All Of Them

By Theodore Shoebat Fifty-two Syrian fighters went to Azerbaijan to fight and kill Armenians for Turkey. They ended up never returning home as they were taken out by Armenian soldiers. As we read in a report from the Washington Post: Families gathered around a refrigerated truck at a Syrian-Turkish border post, waiting earlier this month […]

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