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Russia Reports Record High COVID-19 Cases

With talk of infections for COVID-19 all around the world rising as a trend, the New York Post reports that Russia is experiencing record COVID-19 cases in spite of claims that the numbers have stabilized and may be in decline. Russia on Tuesday reported record high daily coronavirus cases and deaths, pushing total infections to […]

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Landlords Are Suffering Because Of The Effects Of COVID-19

I have noted here at that it is not just the tenants, but also landlords who are being financially squeezed by the effects of COVID-19. In short, if tenants can’t pay the rent, landlords can’t pay the loans that most hold to banks, and they can lose their property intersts. The result is the […]

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Johnson & Johnson Pauses Vaccine Trials Over Unexplained Illness

While Trump is touting his arguable business associate Leonard Schleifer by way of his company Regeneron, claiming that he was ‘cured’ by their vaccine in a few days and of which the company’s stock price has just so happened to increase, the major pharmaceutical-and-healthcare product manufacturer Johnson & Johnson has stopped trials of a COVID-19 […]

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Germanic Tyranny Influences The World Again

It is an unfortunate but generally true statement that when trouble in Europe starts, it begins with Germany and her attempts at pursuing some goal. In true to form, Reason magazine has noted a disturbing trend that Germany’s “hate speech” law is being used as a model by governments around the world to shut down […]

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Donald Trump In His First Speech Since Being Cured From Covid Declares: “We’re Delivering A Safe Vaccine And A Rapid Recovery Like No One Can Even Believe”.

By Theodore Shoebat Donald Trump, in his first ever speech since being cured of Covid, declared to a crowd of his supporters that a vaccine is on the way. As we read in a report from the AP: Though he was hospitalized battling the virus only a week ago, Trump’s message on COVID-19 was unaltered […]

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The Government Of Turkey Sends This Message To Armenia: ‘You Will Pay’

By Theodore Shoebat The government of Turkey recently made the message to Armenia, that the Armenians will pay for striking the Azerbaijani city of Ganja, as we read in a report from Anadolu Press: Armenia will pay for its terrible attacks on civilians in neighboring Azerbaijan, Turkey’s defense chief said on Monday. “Sadly, they have […]

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