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Another October Surprise As Emails Allege Hunter Biden Busted Introducing His Father To Ukrainian Big Shots Following Curious Events

There is a long-recognized trend of “October surprises”, but this October seems to have surprise-after-surprise. In another turn of events, many news sources are reporting that Joe Biden’s son Hunter may have been caught in another interestin predicament by way of emails as introducing his father to key Ukrainian businessmen after claims of pressuring the […]

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Not Again: California Faces New Fire Threats

For years many sang the song “California Dreaming” with hopes of going to California for a better life, but right now it is the opposite, with people fleeing high taxes, oppressive regulations, and now, massive wildfires at historically unprecedented levels. The AP reports that amid the current wildfire issues, there is emerging even more new […]

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Netherlands Moves To Legalize Euthanasia For Children

The future of a society can be seen in how it treats its most vulnerable members. It has been known for a while that a lot of European nations have seemingly given up on their will to live by the choices they have been making. I speak not of any sort of ‘racialism’ or ‘nationalism’, […]

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Mayor De Blasio Is Right, The Jewish Orthodox Enclaves In New York City Are Coronavirus Hot Zones And Need To Be Restricted By Anti-Covid Measures

By Theodore Shoebat There are hot spots of coronavirus in New York City, and many of their zip codes overlap with Jewish Orthodox enclaves. Mayor De Blasio has mentioned the high uptick in covid in these areas, and of course he is being accused of antisemitism. Even Donald Trump implied that de Blasio is antisemitic […]

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Major Political Website Agrees Seven-For-Eight With Prediction On Battleground States

Here at, I have identified about eight states as major battlegrounds for the future. With the exception of for me, Ohio, and for them, Minnesota, Politico has agreed with about seven states that will be 2020 battleground areas. Donald Trump is cratering among women in the suburbs, losing support among senior citizens and […]

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Airbus Wins Major Trade Dispute Deal

In September 2020, I noted how two major companies to watch were C. G. Haendel and Rheinmetall, as they showed close ties to the German government. I had another company that I did not note but was on my list for possible observations, which was Airbus, as it is a major aerospace provider, and ten […]

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