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Russia And Turkey Are Both Capitalizing On The War Between Armenia And Azerbaijan To Expand Their Global Power

By Theodore Shoebat As Armenians and Azeris continue to kill each other, there are a lot of people who continue to hope that Russia will intervene on behalf of the Armenians. Is this really likely? Is this something that we should have great hopes in? While an eventual war between Russia and Turkey is very […]

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Polls Suggest Trump Victory In November 2020

One of the points that Ted, Walid, and I have noted is that their is a clear chance that Trump will win in 2020. There are various reasons for thus, but to summarize the main ones, 1) The incumbent always holds an advantage 2) Biden is objectively one of the worse candidates that one could […]

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Russian-Brokered Peace Between Armenia And Azerbaijan Falling Apart Almost Instantly After Agreement

Peace agreements are known to fall short in conflict situations, but according to Al-Jazeera, the current Russian-brokered peace between Armenia and Azerbaijan has scarcely been in effect for hours and already is in danger of falling apart. Azerbaijan and Armenia have accused each other of swiftly violating the terms of a ceasefire in the disputed […]

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Controversy Erupts With The Expanding Use Of ‘Keyword Warrants’

It has been a long running trend that privacy is disappearing, but many have warned along with us here at that a trend for the future will be the aggregation of data into a network that creates a Chinese-like surveillance state except by consent instead of by force at gunpoint. CNET News delves more […]

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JPMorgan Extends Tens Of Billions In Loans In The Name Of ‘Fighting Racism’

Racism can come in many forms. The obvious one that many people think of is the man who makes statements such as “[Group here] are [insult here]”. However, there are other forms of racism that are more insidious, such as the ‘racism of lower standards’ and the racism of, in the name of ‘fighting racism’, […]

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US National Debt Will Exceed The Size Of The Economy

One of the points that I have constantly emphasized as a major trend for the future is the growth of the national debt against the size of the economy and the ability to service debts. This is going to have severe consequences for the national and as a result due to the position of the […]

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