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It’s Official- US Sells Major Weapons Package To Taiwan

American weapons sales to Taiwan in themselves are nothing new, and have been taking place for decades. However, the increasingly unstable and continually intensifying politication situation in east Asia, with a (potentially) rising China and openly hostile rhetoric between her and the US, as well as with additional US arms sales around the world, any […]

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Japan Wants Nuclear Weapons And Will Eventually Confront The American Empire

By Theodore Shoebat Japan refuses to sign a UN treating banning nuclear weapons. The reason for this is because Japan wants nuclear weapons. Japan wants to revive its position as a global power, but it will not be able to do this as long the US controls the seas in East Asia:

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US Pledges To Help India In Light Of China Tensions, Give Military Intel To India

The US-Indian alliance is a trend that I have identified at as being a major matter to watch because it is part of the anti-China stance of the US, which has also been building relations with China’s other neighbors in what appears to be an ‘encirclement’ strategy, leaving China to fend for herself with no […]

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Police And Authorities Warn Of Civil Unrest In Seattle Leading Up To Election Day

With election day just around the proverbial corner, there is continual talk of civil unrest at polling places around the country. One place of interest to us at in particular is the Pacific Northwest region, as we have identified this as a place where, similar to what Bohemia and Moravia are in Europe, an […]

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Will Germany Expel The Thai King?

The southeast Asian nation of Thailand, known as being the “land of a thousand smiles” as well as the place where European and American men go to partake of the numerous licencious activities from which the nation earns a considerable amount of revenue that is hidden under the moniker of “tourism”, is ruled by a […]

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