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Prepare For The Next Coming Great Jihad As Russia Warns That Azerbaijan Could Become The Next Center For Islamic Terrorists To Travel To Fight And Kill Christians

By Theodore Shoebat As the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues, Russia just put out a warning that Azerbaijan (specifically Nagorno-Karabakh) could become the next center for Islamic terrorists to travel. If this happens, the Islamists will be partaking in the grand jihad to fight and kill the Christian Armenians. As we read in a […]

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Corner Store Owners Beg To ‘Re-fund The Police’ After Machete Attack

With the rising trend of national violence coming at the same time of calls for “defunding” the police, not all people agree, because while police abuse is real, fallen human nature is also real and is a reason why the need for police exists. A group representing “bodega” (a term used for “corner stores” commonly […]

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France Rips Into Turkey Over Support Of Azerbaijan, Backs Armenia

With the US absent amid her own election and Russia curiously silent but certainly watching the situation, Armenia and Azerbaijan continue to tear into each other, and amid all of this, France has thrown herself into the mix as the nominal Turkish ally has ripped into Turkey over her support of Azerbaijan and publicly given […]

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California Vineyards Laid To Waste By Fires

Amid the horrible California wildfires, one of the trends that I warned about that needs to be watched is the prices of alcohol, especially wine and some brandies, since the fires are destroying the vineyards used by many American wineries. This will likely cause a spike in wine prices, and depending on the scope of […]

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Far From Anime And Success, Japan’s Youth Continually Slip Away

In Japan, a “hikikomori” defines a person who usually has no job, no wife, plays games all day, and has no future. Unfortunately, this is the case for millions of young men who have shied away from work, family, and life in general, and instead pass their day and eventually, away into silence and oblivion […]

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Bashar Al-Assad Declares: ‘Turkey Is The Main Instigator Behind The War Between Armenia And Azerbaijan.’

By Theodore Shoebat Bashar al-Assad declared that Turkey is the main instigator behind the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. According to Reuters: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad accused Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan of being the main instigator in the deadliest fighting between Armenian and Azeri forces for more than 25 years. In an interview published on […]

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The Prime Minister Of Armenia Warns: ‘Turkey’s Mission Is To Reestablish The Ottoman Empire In The Caucasus. The Syrian Rebels That Turkey Sent To Kill Armenians Are Harassing Villages And Beginning To Impose Sharia Law In The Region.’

By Theodore Shoebat In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, the Prime Minister of Armenia, Nikol Pashinyan, warned that what Turkey is doing is working to reestablish the Ottoman Empire in the Caucasus. He said: “Turkey’s action is nothing short of action aimed at reinstating the Ottoman empire.” He also claimed that the Syrian mercenaries […]

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