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Report: Robots Threaten Up To 800 Million Jobs Around The World

One of the trends that I have pointed out for the future is going to be the rise of robotics, artificial intelligence, and computers as a substitute for humans. This is already in practice but is going to become much more serious as the years pass on. One study cited by BloombergQuint points this out, […]

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COVID-19 Pushes Eight Million People Into Poverty

While COVID-19 has affected many people, the main effects from the virus will not be caused by the illness itself but from the circumstantial fallout. This is already showing itself as according to a report from CNBC, the economic shocks caused to the nation have pushed eight million people, or just over two percent, of […]

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The Government Of France Shuts Down Major Mosque In Paris To Fight Islamic Violence In The Country

By Theodore Shoebat The government of France shut down down a major mosque in Paris as part of a measure to curtail Islamic extremism in France. This is happening in the midst of a nationwide uproar in response to the decapitation of a history teacher just a few days ago. As we read in a […]

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Multiple Christian Colleges Move To Freeze Tuition Prices

One of the trends that I have identified and have been discussing is the nature of college and university tuition prices. Based on what I have seen, there is no way for the current method of operation to continue in that of constantly rising prices amid dropping salaries for graduates seeking employment, as the reason […]

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History Repeats As Google Now Faces Federal Antitrust Suit

It is a pattern in American history to see the formation of large corporations that come to dominate entire sectors of economic life, viciously crusing any other smaller businesses or diversity in business and forming monopolies. This is the reason why, most notably under President Teddy Roosevelt, the government began the serious establishment of ‘antitrust’ […]

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