Archive | October 11, 2020


Will The Zoomers Show Up For Election 2020?

There are a lot of demographic changes happening right now within the country that will cause major changes for the nation. However, for now, the favor still restes with the Boomers for the election cycle. While Millennial are adults and well on their adult lives, Zoomers, or Gen Z, is another key bloc that may […]

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Mexican President Wants Catholic Church To Apologize For Stopping What The Drug Cartels Are Reviving

Slavery. Cannibalism. Human sacrifice. Organ harvesting. Murder of children. Openly blaspheming and worshipping devils. This was Mexico not today, but on the eve of the arrival of the Spanish to Mexico, where thanks to a combination of the Church and the Spanish Empire wiped out the infamos paganism and Christianized the natives. However, this is […]

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