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Armenia Strikes Military Establishment, Fuel Depot In Azerbaijan

As tensions mounted between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Azeri President Ilham Aliyev responded to Armenian threats of bombing oil pipelines by saying that she would attack the Matsamor nuclear plant in Armenia in retaliation if that happened. Armenia has denied attacking any oil pipelines, but recent news from the Caucasian Knot reports that Armenian troops have […]

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Here It Begins: Accusations Fly That Azerbaijan Is Recruiting Terrorist Fighters From The Ukrainian Neo-Nazi “Right Sector” And “Azov” Groups

There has been talk that Azerbaijan, given her strategic importance for oil, tight military alliance with Turkey, past history as a former Soviet occupied nation, and her location as a bridge between Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, and Central Asia, could see a major rise in terrorism as the Turkish-allied country might become a “stepping […]

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Long-Term Unemployment Hits New Record

Unemployment is a terrible thing in the US, since due to the nature of the society, if one does not have money, one cannot participate in social life, and the ability to earn money is tied often to employment. As such, when unemployment rises, it causes social and economic problems, and if it is bad […]

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Turkey Wants Wars In The Middle East And The Caucasus So That It Can Take Advantage Of Chaos And Make Itself A Global Power Again

By Theodore Shoebat Turkey is in Libya, in Syria; Turkey is expanding itself in the Eastern Mediterranean, and now Turkey has imposed itself in the Caucasus. What is one of the main objectives of Turkey in doing all this? It is to guarantee that Turkey will always have a say in peace negotiations, and thus […]

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